Activity Report

Sep 16, 2014

GEJ Festa in Cambodia (Agri-Cultural Festival)

Seven years had passed from implementation of the first project of GEJ.
For this occasion, we organized with villagers GEJ Festa in Cambodia on 24th August 2014 at playground of the Prey Preal GEJ Primary school of which schoolhouse was built by GEJ.
Total number of participants of this festa was about 3,300 including villagers, members of Japanese Association in Cambodia and other persons concerned.
Participants enjoyed the exhibition and sale of villagers°« products, contest of pupils°« pictures°Ę°»stamp rally°…, and performance of Cambodian traditional arts and Japanese drams.

Ę°Villagers gathering by tractorsĘ°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°Ę°Participants arriving at the groundĘ°

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Jul 24, 2014

Training of Home Garden in Prap Hop village

Following is training of home garden in Prap Hop village.
Location of Prap Hop village is highlighted by yellow in the map bellow.
By home garden, important nutrition is supplied to villagers in their daily life.

==Learning basic knowledge by lecture==

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Jul 18, 2014

Training of transplantation

Continued from previous report, we present the scenes of rice transplantation.

==Young plants of rice protected by fence==

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Jul 4, 2014

Training of direct seeding of rice

There are two ways of starting rice cultivation; one is direct seeding and another is transplantation.
This time we report on the training of direct seeding in three villages newly integrated into our project: Korsvay village, Boursangkrea village and Otakong village. We also report on the distribution of seeds necessary for villagers to practice the training in their own land.

At first, we would like to ask a question; how do you guess about the next photo? (Hint: this is an idea for cultivation.) You will find the answer later in this report.

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Jun 21, 2014

Training of rice cultivation in newly started three villages

In this year, new agricultural training started in three villages: Boursankrea village, Korsvay village and Otakon village. This is a report on training of rice cultivation in these three villages. Participants are 192 trainees in total of three villages. Training consists of several steps and this time we report on the steps from sorting of seeds to preparation of seedbed.

Lecture by the trainer dispatched by Provincial Department of Agriculture (PDA)

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Jun 14, 2014

Training of vaccination in the chicken farming

The first step of chicken farming of GEJ agricultural training is lectures on °»feeding°…, °»caretaking of chicken coop°… and °»disease prevention°…. After these lectures, trainees are provided with chicks and raise them. While chicken farming, trainees repeat follow up practices.
Following is report on the training of vaccination in Trepeang Kbalsva village.

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May 21, 2014

Repair of pumps in Rosseiro village

°… Let°«s get habit of not leaving the thing being broken°…
This is a report on the repair of broken pumps of pond that GEJ staff found while visit of Rosseiro village.

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May 20, 2014

Repair of signboard fixed on the gate barrier of roads

GEJ keeps on supporting people to enhance °»rebuilding of livelihood°… and °»self reliance°….
We aim to organize initiative of mutual management among villagers by follow-up of agricultural training and group maintenance of infrastructures.
We try to enhance initial movement of self reliance of villagers by taking action against what has happened because everyone has tendency to leave a thing as it is.
This time we report on such kind of activity

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May 17, 2014

Activity of support for new 3 villages starts

In 2014, GEJ add s new 3 villages to the agricultural training activities. Names of new villages are °»Boursangkreach°…, °»Korsvay °» and °»Otakorng°…. Maps below show location of Battambang province in Cambodia and location of new 3 villages in local area

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May 16, 2014

Rehabilitation of road between Tomunaptakun village and Slappang village

GEJ implements assistance for rebuilding of livelihood in accordance with hearing of needs from villagers. We have been requested to rehabilitate the road between Tomunaptakun village and Slappang village and after implementation of survey, we discussed this matter with peoples concern. We found that the road is practicable in dry season but in rainy season it is very hard to pass and commute because of muddy surface of clayey earth. We finally identified the rehabilitation of the road as first infrastructure project in 2014. °£

==Road in rainy season; Even cows are wondering where to pass==

==Section to be rehabilitated (shown in red line) 3.6km==

Following is article of interview to children.

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May 7, 2014

Voice of trainees: from Tomnuptakun village

After follow-up training in Tomnuptakun village, we interviewed trainees

==Mr. and Mrs. Koi Ding ==°°°°°° °° °°°° °°°°°°°°°°°°°°==Ms. Chom Nyuan==

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Apr 4, 2014

Agricultural training: mushroom cultivation on shelf and vinyl bag nursery

This time we report on follow up training of mushroom cultivation with more complicated method in Prey Preal, Tomnuptakun, and Toul snoul village.

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Apr 1, 2014

Agricultural training in 2014: Follow-up training in Tmunaptakun village

Agricultural training in Tomunaptkun village start from follow-up training of mushroom cultivation that follows from last year°«s training. Follow-up training is an important scheme of GEJ for enhancement of villagers°« self reliance.

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Feb 25, 2014

Completion of dormitory in Rosseiro Kiesel Primary School

The construction work of the dormitory in the ground of Rosseiro Kiesel Primary School that we have reported previously is completed. It is modest but personal spaces for teachers. There are four rooms and one room has twelve square meters of area. Two teachers can stay in each room that means eight teachers in total can live here. For the moment, six teachers (four teachers of Rosseiro Kiesel Primary School and two teachers of Slab Pang Hitachikenki Primary School) will move to the new dormitory.

==Completed dormitory°Š°Š

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Feb 24, 2014

Construction of ponds for indispensable water supply

One of important°° infrastructure project in 2013 fiscal year is construction of ponds for water supply that is indispensable for stable livelihood. This year, we constructed five ponds: two ponds in Trepeangkvaksvar village, two ponds in Prap Hep village and one pond in Tomunaptakun village.

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Feb 17, 2014

Pupils hardly arrive at the school house when it rains

Most part of Cambodian land is so flat that the river water flows very slowly and sometimes stays at same place. When it rains, water overflows from rivers and stays at community lands. There, the water level increases gradually. In case of the collapse of dike of reservoir with heavy rain, land is slowly submerged and fields become a big pond. The water flows out or penetrates in the clayey earth very slowly taking long time.

==Inundation of the village road==°°°°°°°°==After flood, school house stands in a big pond==

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Feb 3, 2014

Pupils go to school on the muddy road

As we reported previously, GEJ has implemented a survey and hearing on the damages by flood. In Tomunaptakun village, we heard that, the pupils are suffered from bad condition of road to go to school ,because, the road is muddy when it rains. We were requested from villagers to rehabilitate the road in school zone.

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Jan 7, 2014

Request from villagers : Private space for yang teachers

This is a report on construction of teacher°«s dormitory. GEJ implements agricultural training as support for enhancement of self reliance on livelihood which is first priority of our activity. Up to now, harvest and revenue of villagers were well improved by agricultural training in our project area. After implementation of training, we study the necessity of further assistance with evaluation of our activity and hearing from beneficiaries. On the meeting of agricultural training, villagers requested us °»construction of private room for teachers who live in remote area from their home town°….

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Dec 25, 2013

Start of survey for assistance in new target villages of Battambang province

GEJ makes assistance plan after hearing the voice (request) of villagers on the survey in target area. It means that GEJ°«s activities are studied not basing on the top-down direction but on the voice of living people. It is ideal that all requests are satisfied at once but it is not possible with limited donations therefore, we finalize the plan taking consideration of the effectiveness and the progress of landmine clearance. Following is report of the survey on the new requests in Battambang province.

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Dec 6, 2013

Let°«s keep school clean

As a support for rebuilding of livelihoods and enhancement of self-reliance of villagers, GEJ implements agricultural training and

infrastructure development. After implementation, GEJ tries to evaluate and follow the results in order to keep continuity and to assure that our activities concern directly with the living of villagers. GEJ engages also on the school building construction as assistance for children who carry the future of community. Up to now, GEJ has constructed buildings for three schools namely, °»Slapang Hitachi-kenki primary school°…, °»Rosseiro Kiesel primary school°… and °»Prey Preal GEJ primary school°…. Construction of school buildings is not final goal; we also aim to form the habit of school maintenance by villagers themselves. In this point of view, we carried out cleaning of school ground with pupils under slogan of °»let°«s study in well ordered environment!°… when we visited schools in various occasions such as study tour. Following is a report of extension of above effort.

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Dec 6, 2013

Inspection of the Farm road constructed by grant assistance

Intermediate inspection on the farm road constructed last year with grant assistance for Japanese NGO project by Ministry of Foreign Affairs was implemented. Inspection was implemented by an officer of the Embassy of Japan in the Kingdom of Cambodia with presence of the Deputy General Director and the Director of Post-mineclearance Development of CMAC (Cambodian Mine Action Centre) and guide of GEJ staff. Inspection items are as follows: °¶Condition of the road and culverts, °¶Condition of maintenance equipments stored in Kokchor village, °¶Condition of maintenance equipments stored in Andoek 11 village and °¶Hearing from chief of above two villages.

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Nov 18, 2013

Securing of living from flood damages by effort of villagers themselves

Government implemented the survey on the damages brought by heavy rain in Cambodia and made restoration plan. On the other hand, villagers decided to carry out temporal restoration work to secure their daily life by themselves. °»Road maintenance training°…, one of GEJ°«s support activities for enhancement of self reliance ability, is also effective in this work. We find a big hope for the future in cheerful Cambodian national character and villagers°« cooperation between young and old of both sexes

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Oct 3, 2013

Villagers°« happy smile: Filed day in Trapeang Kbalsva village

Field day is organized at the time of harvest of agricultural training where villagers share the happiness each other. Following is a report of Field day of training on Chicken raising, Home garden and Follow up course of rice cultivation in Trapeang Kbalsva village.

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Jul 25, 2013

Mushroom cultivation training, Popular way of cultivation in Cambodia

GEJ°«s mission is to support people rebuild their livelihood in post-mine-cleared area. One of the way to support is to sustainably provide people with agricultural training. As we have informed in our Activity Report dated May 20th,agricultural training in fiscal 2013 has been planned by GEJ and PDA (Battambang province agriculture bureau, where we ask them to provide people with the training) by listening people°«s demand. The training started by giving them a lecture. Starting from this Activity Report, we would like to introduce details of the training.
This time we will introduce popular way of cultivating mushroom.

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Apr 26, 2013

Completion and Handover Ceremony of Prey Preal GEJ Primary School

The construction work of primary school in Prey Preal village, started in August 2012, was completed in March 2013 as third primary school constructed by GEJ and named °»PREY PREAL GEJ PRIMARY SCHOOL°….

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Nov 28, 2012

Activity Plan after transfer the Road

Farm Road is completed and transfer to the villagers is done, but not yet finish.
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Nov 28, 2012

Farm Road Transfer Ceremony

Transfer Ceremony of Farm Road between Andok Dobmoy village and Kork Chor village in Ratanak Mundol District, Battanbang Province was held great successfully on 22 May 2012.  Read More

Jun 6, 2012

GEJ finished construction of farm Road funded by Grant Assistance for Japanese

GEJ finished construction of farm Road funded by Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO Project 6 June 2012

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Mar 29, 2012

Progress of Constructing Farmers Road funded by Japanese Government

Receiving fund by NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS COOPERATION DIVISION in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, GEJ is constructing farmers road after de-mining area at Ratanak Mundol district , Battambang Province.  Read More