Activity Report

Sep 1, 2016

Take an overwhelming time to clear Land Mines off GEJ Study Tour No.3

August 8 (Mon)
Today, went to visit GEJ Phnom Penh Office and CMAC (Cambodian Mine Action Centre) Head quarter. After had a lunch at Santa Café, headed to Battambang City in north of Cambodia.

・GEJ Phnom Penh Office
The office was located at the residential area next to Phnom Penh Airport.
Have received the lecture of the local activities and problems experienced by Mr. Sambath, Deputy Manager at GEJ Phnom Penh Office.
Some of tour member asked how to support the farmers living at post mine land and what effect encountered?
Mr. Sambath explained the effect showing the example of the increased rice harvest by Rice cultivation training which is one of the Agriculture Training program conducting in cooperation with PDA (Provincial Department of Agriculture, Battambang Province.)

Tour members listen with serious attitude

・CMAC Head Quarter
Have visited CMAC Head Quarter nearby the GEJ Office.
After received a warm welcome from Mr. Heng Ratana, Delegate of the Royal Government in charge as Director General of CMAC at the entrance of the building, took a tour of the Exhibition Hall of wreckages of Land Mines and Unexploded ordnance (UXO), and had explanation of the damages to human lives and CMAC activities to cope with such situation.
According to CMAC, to clear off the Land mines at the area already known as suspected area only, it would take by year 2025.

At the meeting with CMAC, Mr. Heng Ratana commented that more visitors would be welcomed for knowing the situation in such post Land Mine area and bring those situation back to their home land for increasing the supporter.
Mr. Kamiyama who is Director of GEJ and member of the Tour responded that it was an honor to have CMAC as counter partner in Cambodia for the activities, as Cambodia could not achieve the progress of development without the activities of CMAC for clearing Land Mine and developing the farm land etc.

Received a welcome from Mr. Heng Ratana       At the Exhibition Hall


Had lecture of remaining numbers, accidental explosion and clearing situation of Land Mines and UXO in Cambodia.

At the meeting with Mr. Ratana and others       Speech by Mr. Kamiyama

CMAC hats were given as a memento

・Lunch @ Santa Cafe
Most of members were waiting this lunch.
This was the 6th meal since arrival to Cambodia but Mrs. Sambath did well aware of Japanese favorite taste through her husband, and it was really matched.
Everybody enjoyed the lunch very much.

Mrs. Sambath had joined to go to Battambang City with cooking utensils for helping preparation of Japanese taste at Agri Festa tomorrow.

            They were so happy and busy to eat

・6 hours by Bus
Headed to Battambang City by bus.
It took almost 6 hours of long journey to reach there with two breaks at Michi-no Eki (Roadside service area) which was constructed by Japan aid and gas station.

“Pursat Michi-no-Eki”

・Dinner @ Hotel in Battambang City
It was Western cuisine, anyway.
Small variety of food found and took fairly long time to get served. Members took Steak and/or Hamburger at there.

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Aug 30, 2016

Deeply touched the tragic past        GEJ Study Tour No.2

Yesterday was the arrival day at Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Because had a limited time, took a dinner at Chinese restaurant next to the Hotel.
Had advises on the trip in Cambodia from Mr. Sato who already had joined the GEJ Study Tour five times.

The member cheered for safe and successful journey with Angkor Beer.

Advises by Mr. Sato

August 7 (Sun)
・Killing Field
Today is the first day of activities in Cambodia.
At first, have visited the Killing Field where the bodies of mass slaughter were thrown in to ditches and dips at the time of the civil war.
It was the true evidence of massacre as the negative inheritance.
Tour member offered the burning incense stick and flowers at the Memorial Tower which was full of human bones.

According to the instruction, people who were sentenced to death transported from Tuol Sleng Prison to here and been massacred with every kind of killing methods.
There was a tree called Killing Tree which beat babies to kill by hands still remain. It was so sad that the executers were children too.
At the exhibition hall, watched the movie about the massacre.

Memorial Tower with full of human bones

Dips of digging out the human bones everywhere   Killing Tree (form WEB site)

・Tsubasa Bridge
All the member left Killing Field with very depressed.
Now headed to the Tsubasa Bridge with the hope. The bridge which was rope suspension type bridge of total length of 5.4Km was completed in April, 2015 with the aid of Japan.
Had a lunch at restaurant near by the wharf originally busy with ferryboats before the completion of the bridge.
Near to the restaurant, there were street stalls selling unconventional food like flied grasshoppers, diving beetles and many other insects.
It was sure that somebody buy and eat them as the source of protein.

Tsubasa Bridge (from WEB site)             The magnificent view of Mekong River

Mountains of fried insects                 Memorial of the bridge completion

・Aeon Mall
Returning to the city, visited Aeon Mall which is operated by Japanese Aeon.
It was so difficult to compare the market in town which observed this morning and Aeon Mall, but the mall was air-conditioned, wide and very clean.
Local people visiting here were looked wealthy but their buying power was lack something still.
It was deep in thought the gap of living life between here and the rural area in Battambang Province where GEJ is supporting, and would visit in the latter half of the week.

Front of the local market near to Hotel           Outside of Aeon Mall

Inside of Mall. Many customers were with empty hands.

・Royal Palace
Next was to visit the positive heritage of Royal Palace.
They said that the original construction was by logs but modified like current structures by French architecture around 1919.
Inside and Buda statutes of the Enthronement Ceremony Palace, Silver Pagoda and others were very gorgeous with gold, silver and jades. There were many tourist from all over the world.

The GEJ Tour member were very fine still.

It was banned to take photo inside

After visiting Silver Pagoda. A compatible couple

Spring in the Royal Palace. It was believed that the problem on body could be cured by wetting with the Spring water. Almost all the member wet their head.



・Dinner @ Romdeng
The dinner was at Romdeng Cambodian Restaurant where it was staffed by former street youth and their teachers.

At the pool side table

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Aug 29, 2016

Still, the affect of drought continues….

In Cambodia, the severe drought was experienced in June and July this year.
Although there was some rain in August, it was not enough for rice cultivation still.
Especially, it was reported that the area of Banan and Bavel District in Battambang Province where many of villages with support of GEJ after demining were located, the most of Rice Field were dried up, and it shall be expected the poor crops this year.
As self-evident in the photos below, some of Rice Field had the cracks due to the severe drought.

As is unknown that how the long-awaited rain will come, it is very difficult to tell what will happen.
GEJ continue to monitor the situation with the special attention.

Rice grow in spots                      No water in Rice Field

Ground with many cracks

Growing not healthy                     Here was the same…

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Aug 23, 2016

Seeing was believing! It was very beneficial and enjoyable Study Tour.

GEJ (Good Earth Japan) has organized the GEJ Cambodia Study Tour this year too.

In total 12 member departed Japan on August 6 heading to Phnom Penh City in Cambodia via
Ho Chi Ming City in Vietnam.

The group realized and deeply worried about negative inheritance of remaining Land Mines and Unexploded bombs, and the evidences of massacre during the civil war.
Tour members have also experienced the effort of supporting farmers who live at the post land mines area to become independent.
After, visited the positive heritage of Angkor, all member returned home safely at early morning of August 13.

This time, although it was a hard trip under very hot condition, thanks to the cooperation and support by staff of of CMAC (Cambodian Mine Action Centre) and staff of PDA (Provincial Agriculture Department of Battambang Province), local staff of GEJ including his family and others, the group could have the valuable experience concerning the real situation of rural Cambodia and spent a good time with the children and farmers there.

As this is the first issue of the tour reports, reporting the activities showing group photos mainly as a summary version.
After this, as we would like to share our valuable experience with you, GEJ is going to report the event day by day.

August 6 (Sat)
Members assembled at Ho Chi Ming Airport in Vietnam after departed from Narita and Chubu Airports in Japan, and headed to Phnom Penh Airport in Cambodia.

The first group photo at Narita Airport

August 7 (Sun)
Today was the first day of the tour.
The tour started with visiting Killing Field, Tsubasa Bridge and Royal Palace in Phnom Penh City.
Members have memorized the evidences of massacre at Killing Field as negative inheritance, also studied the supports by Japanese Government through the Tsubasa Bridge which was built with Japan aid, the ODA activity map in Cambodia and other material provided by JICA.
The Royal Palace was beautiful and gorgeous.

This was Killing Field                      Have prayed in front of the Memorial Tower

At the top of Tsubasa Bridge               Buildings of Royal Palace were too big

August 8 (Mon)
Today, at first, have received the lecture of the local activities and problems had experienced by
Mr. Sambath, Deputy Manager at GEJ Phnom Penh Office.

After the office visit, have visited the CMAC head office where could observe the remains of mines and unexploded bombs together with the explanation of damages caused by them.
According to CMAC, there are so many mines and unexploded bombs still remain in Cambodia as the negative inheritance.
At the meeting with CMAC, Mr. Heng Ratana, Delegate of the Royal Government in charge as Director General expressed the thanks of visit.

GEJ completed 10 years of the activities for supporting farmers at post land mines where CMAC cleared off the mines to become independent.

After having lunch at Santa Café which Mrs. Sambath runs, headed for Battambang City in North.

Mr. Sambath explained the activities of GEJ in Cambodia

At CMAC, observed the remain of land mines etc. with lecture. Group photo with Mr. Heng Ratana

August 9 (Tue)
Have participated the Agri Festa at Boursankrea village.
Almost 270 farmers were gathered and enjoyed to participating the Agriculture fair, competition, speeches by representatives, and Japanes taste prepared and provided by tour members.
The details shall be reported in other issue but the members were so busy for the preparation and delivery of Sushi and others under the extremly hot condition.
Futo Maki, Inari Sushi and Hot dog were well accepted.

After the event, on the way back to Hotel, have passed through a vegetable garden which was prepared by a farmer who was receiving the Garden cultivation training near by.

Singing national anthem of Cambodia and Japan    At the stage, there were representatives

Preparation of Japanese dishes and Hot dog by tour member  The long queue

August 10 (Wed)
Members helped and participated the sanitation teaching by NACEF (the Nursing Action for Children's Energetic Future, volunteer circle organized by student of Japanese Red Cross Collage
of Nursing) to school children at Kiesel primary school at Russairo village.

After the school event, have visited the road and pond around Otakon village which were built by GEJ.

Further, have visited and experienced the one of Agricultural Training Program for farmers who live on the post minefield and have joined Mushroom Cultivation training at Bosampor village under the severe heat with the strong sunshine.

A tour member participated as the injured person   Mr. Sambath explained the good manner

At Otakon village. Observed the GEJ road and Pond   Could not believe the drought in recent

Participated Mushroom cultivation training      It was so hot!

August 11 (Thu)
Have visited the Land Mine clearing site near Toulsnul village and observed the mine detection and destruction work.
After the site visit, had a cruise experience at Tonle Sap Lake.

Due to dangerous and hard work under very hot condition with minimum pay, there are no many people willing to be a mine detector, they said. Under such circumstances, there was a lady detector of 21 years old working at site. Say, it was really life-threatening work, we think.

At Tonle Sap Lake which was like a big sea, have enjoyed cruising with cool breeze on boat.

Heavy protectors with helmet               Experienced the detection work

In front of demining machine               Observed the destruction work of Tank land mine

Sweat went calm down

August 12 (Fri)
Today was the last day of trip and have visited the remains of Angkor which was waited for.

After the remains, visited the Old market in the city and left the hotel for Airport after quick shower.

Leaving Siem Reap Airport to Japan via Hanoi Airport in Vietnam.

In front of the reflected Angkor Wat            The steep steps at the third corridor

             Bayon and Ta Prohm

August 13 (Sat)
Leaving Siem Reap Airport at night and tranferring at Hanoi airport in Vietnam in the midnight, headed to Narita and Chubu Airports in Japan. Everybody arrived home safely.

At Hanoi Airport. This was the last group photo.

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Aug 2, 2016

Achievement Test of “Chicken Raise” training Otakon Village

At Otakon Village, the “Chicken Raise” Training had started on May 19 this year.  Since then, 9 times of the lecture and practice trainings by instructors of PDA (Provincial Department of Agriculture, Battambang Province) were conducted.

This time, as the summarization of trainings, attended by the local staff of GEJ (Good Earth Japan), the achievement test to confirm the understanding of farmers for the lecture and practice which had been given during the training was carried out.
The paper test contained all the aspects of the past training of how to prepare the clean and convenient henhouse, how to maintain it, how to make the chicken feed, and also how to and when vaccinate for preventing chicken from disease.

After the test, everybody who received the test were led to the Model firm of “Chicken Raise” training for observing the Henhouse.

Based on the results of examination, GEJ and PDA shall improve the teaching methods, and use those information for the follow up activities to be followed.

“Chicken raise” training is the one of GEJ’s Agricultural Training Program for farmers who live on the post minefield to become independent.

Achievement Test                      Remembering the past training…

Cage of Chicks                        Clean and wide Henhouse

Fences were netted

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Jul 29, 2016

Let’s have vegetables grow well.  Training of Home Vegetable Gardening

At villages of Boursankrea and Korsvay in Battambang Province the training of Home Vegetable Gardening has been continuing since middle of June.
Farmers have been learning the method of how to prepare the compost and the seed bedding and how to sow etc. from the instructors of PDA (Provincial Department of Agriculture, Battambang Province) with lecture and practice.

In July, farmers received the seed of Cucumber, Long Egg Plant, Long bean, Pumpkin and Pakchoi from GEJ. After sowing, the sprout of them came out and their seedling were replanted to ridges, and they are growing. Now, it is necessary for taking care of preventing those plants from disease and harmful insect, and sever climate there.

As the Agri-Festa shall be held early in August at Boursankrea village, farmers are very ambitious and busy for growing good quality vegetable for gaining the first prize at the fair.
GEJ hope that farmers can get vegetable for their own consumption and also to have marketable quality which can ship to market.
(This report contains the instruction of how to prepare the organic insecticide which are good for environment.)

Home Vegetable Gardening training is the one of GEJ’s Agricultural Training Program in cooperation with PDA for farmers who live on the post minefield to become independent.

1. Boursankrea Village
1-1  July 7   Planting seedlings of Cucumber and Long Bean and preparing organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer                       Giving fertilizer

Ridges are ready

1-2  July 14    Preparing organic insecticide and inspection of damages by harmful insects
           Organic insecticide: Chop in small the Ginger, Chili, Lemongrass,
           Skin of Custard Apple and others, and mix well with water.
           Use the top clear layer of the liquid.

Material for insecticide                   Farmers working together

Chopping material in small                 Mixing material with water

Checking the damages by disease and insect     If harmful insect is there, exterminate

1-3  July 25   This time also how to exterminate the harmful insect
            First-aid insecticide : Mix 5 spoon of Frying oil, 3 spoon of powder soap and
            5 litter of water.

Discussion on issue and resolution            Checking the damages by harmful insect

Long bean was damaged by harmful insect       Infected with plant lice?

Prepare first-aid insecticide                Spraying from Plastic bottle

Long bean, overcrowded                  Cucumber, overcrowded as well

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Jul 29, 2016

Now, it is easy and safe to access the Ponds

In 2010, GEJ constructed two water pond at Russairo village.
To commute to Ponds it was necessary to pass the hands made wooden bridge or the log bridge. Therefore, farmers of Russairo village have been requesting the improvement of access for increase the usage of the Ponds and safety.

GEJ decided to put culvert on the water ways for easy access to those Ponds in corporation with PDRD (Provincial Department of Rural Development, Battambang Province) and farmers there.

Now, farmers are happy with great improvement of convenience and thanked to GEJ.

Pond No.1

GEJ Pond is right side of this water pass        A log bridge used before

Farmers helped the works

Culvert have been constructed               Now cultivator with trailer can access too

Pond No.2

Before it needed to pass this small bridge        Farmers helped the works too

Constructing the culvert                  Construction work was completed

Now, easy and safe to commute to the Pond

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Jul 19, 2016

GEJ participated in International Fest “Aw kohn, Cambodia”

GEJ (Good Earth Japan) have participated in International Festa “Aw kohn, Cambodia” which was organized by Yamanashi International Association (YIA) and held at their place in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture on July 16.
GEJ exhibited photo panels explaining the activities of GEJ in Cambodia.

At the Festa, YIA reported and exhibited their last year’s Study Tour to Cambodia which was held commemorating their 25th Anniversary. Furthermore, they thanked GEJ for the support on the tour.

There was a special lecture of “Aiming non land mines and peaceful world” by Mr. Kiyoshi Amemiya who is developer of demining machine and Chairman of Nikken Corporation in Yamanashi Prefecture. He made an appeal of not only clearing off the land mines but the support of farmers who started living on the post mines land is also very important.
In addition, there were other attractions like “Talk & Discussion about Cambodia”, “Cambodian Dance” and Cambodian food court etc., and the Festa was in full swing.
For your information, “Aw kohn” means “thank you” in the Khmer language.

Many people have visited GEJ’s booth to observe the panels exhibited and brought back the copies of Mail Magazine and brochure of GEJ.
GEJ pay effort to increase the supporters through introducing the activities at this kind of Festa too.

It’s ready!                          Explained the activities in detail

Visitors observing the panels

Showed the movie of activities              Explaining the details of activities too

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Jul 19, 2016

Villagers repaired the farm road themselves

On July 15, at villages of Andok Dammuoy , Kokchou in Ratanakkmondol District and other villages of Slappan, Tomunuttaken in Bavel District, farmers were busy with repair works of the farm roads which were constructed by GEJ and Japanese Government nearby their places.

The roads had many puddles and/or collapsed by heavy rain. In addition, traffic caused the rough surface of the road.
Therefore, it is necessary to have a timely maintenance and/or repair works of those damages when they are still not in serious.

This time, those villagers were gathered and worked hard for the repair works before the full-scale rain season comes.
They were not professional but have worked themselves remembering the method which was given during the repair work training by GEJ, PDRD (Provincial Department of Rural Development) and CMAC (Cambodian Mine Action Centre) before.

The repair material of Laterite was supplied by GEJ.
And GEJ’s representative attended and confirmed the result of the repair works.

Traffic caused the roughness               Road shoulder had hole

Road shoulder was collapsing               Here too

Truck load of Laterite has arrived            Ready for work

Removed the damaged part and fill with Laterite   Farmers worked very hard

Before stamping, gave some water            Stamping with vibration tamping machine

Repair work has finished                  How is the workmanship?

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Jul 11, 2016

Precaution is important always. “Chicken raise” training

On July 4 and 5, the follow up work of “Chicken raise” training by instructors of PDA (Provincial Department of Agriculture) at Phnon Khpos village was held.
At first, instructors explained the outline of how to prevent Chickens from disease, and the farmers practiced eye drops and vaccine injection to Chickens. “Chicken raise” training at Phonon Khpos village had started in September last year and continuing the follow up works since then.

On the other hand, at Otakon village where the training was started from this year, the precise explanation of how to prepare the chicken feed and how to prevent Chickens from disease was made on July 5.

Chickens are the one of important income sources of farmers as well as their food.
GEJ try to achieve the good result of “Chicken raise” training by repeating the trainings in schedule.

1. At Phnon Khpos village   Follow up work and practicing

Explain the importance of vaccine            Time schedule of vaccination too

Apply eye drops to chickens               Injection of vaccine

2. At Otakon village  Preparation of Chicken feed

At first, explanation                       Chopped the feed for easy take

Of course, taking note

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Jul 7, 2016

Construction of Farm road and Pond is progressing in Otakon village

The agreement of construction works for a new Earth road, modification of current Earth road to Laterite road and a new Pond at Otakon village in Battambang Province had been signed with CMAC (Cambodian Mine Action Centre) in last month.
As the rainy season will start soon in Cambodia, the construction sites are very busy for quicken the works finishing them before the rain will get hard.
We hope those works shall be completed soon and improve the convenience of people there. The water in the pond shall be used for irrigation and house supply.

GEJ continue to support farmers who live on the post minefield to be more independent through agriculture training, improving living environment, and improvement of agriculture infrastructure.

1.25Km earth road site (before the work)        Same to left (during the work)

Pond construction work                   Same to left (good progress)

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Jul 1, 2016

Now, let’s plant the seeds. Training of home vegetable gardening.

On June 22, the training of how to make compost and how to plants the seeds etc. were carried out to the farmers of villages of Boursankrea and Korsvay as the second phase training of home vegetable gardening.
At Boursankrea village, totally 53 farmers ( class 1 and 2) attended. At Korsvay village, totally 41 farmers (class 1 and 2) attended.

After the careful and precise instruction by the instructors of PDA (Provincial Department of Agriculture, Battambang Province) with hands on training for how to make good compost , how to prepare seeds beds and how to plant seeds etc., seeds of the following vegetables were handed over to each farmer attended.
  Cucumber, Long Egg Plant, Long bean, Pumpkin and Pak choi.

Although it should grow them overcoming the problems of climate, disease and harmful insects and others from now, farmers is very ambitious to grow them with good marketable quality under the help of PDA instructors.

Instructor shows the example               farmers practice how to plant seed

Planting seed of Cucumber (Good: laying it)      Same of left (Bad: plant vertically)

Preparing seed bed with compost            Practicing plant the seeds of Pak choi

Hands on training of how to make compost       Banana leaves can be seed bed too

Kinds of seeds distributed                 Distribution of seeds at Boursankrea village

Distribution of seeds at Korsvay village         Now, I will do my best

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Jun 23, 2016

The Road and Pond construction works at Otakon village will start

On June 20, the agreement of the following construction works at Otakon village in Battambang Province has been signed between Mr. Heng Ratana , Delegate of the Royal Government in charge as Director General of CMAC(Cambodian Mine Action Centre) and Secretary General of GEJ at Head Office of CMAC in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
 a.Modifying the earth road of 3.4Km length to Laterite surface
 b.Construction of new 1.25Km length of earth road
 c.Construction of one new pond for agriculture use
There was very strong request on the above “b” which is connecting two meeting places for agriculture training etc. Currently, it is a narrow and waste path, and it become very muddy in rainy season.

This time GEJ have decided to construct them with the budget of year 2016.
The plan was realized with couples of meeting with farmers in the village with the help of PDRD(Provincial Department of Rural Development, Battambang Province) staff, and the negotiations with CMAC for cost.

GEJ always consider effective use of the fund which was raised by donation and membership fee.
We can recall the smiles of farmers in Otakon village.

Signing the agreement

Left: Mr. Ratana, Right: Secretary General of GEJ

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Jun 21, 2016

The training of home vegetable gardening was also started

On June 16, the home vegetable gardening training for this year was started at villages of Boursankrea and Korsvay located at the north west of Battambang Province.

The vegetables to be produced is not only for the home consumption but, if the quality is good,
it can be shipped to the market for sale. And it shall become the one of income sources
of farmers there. The home vegetable gardening training is the one of GEJ (Good Earth Japan)’s Agricultural Training Program for farmers who live on the post minefield become independent.

This time, the following instructions were given to farmers by the instructors of PDA (Provincial Department of Agriculture, Battambang Province) which is the one of counter partner of GEJ.
 . The way how to prepare the good compost
 . How to protect vegetables from disease and harmful insects.
We believe that the indoor lecture like this is essential before going to the field.
Let’s look at what kind of vegetable shall be seeded and how they will grow!

1. Boursankrea village      Totally 55 farmers attended

Class 1 22 farmers                     Class 2 32 farmers attended

Practicing how to prepare the compost          Compost is ready for use

The garden of model farmer was plowed

2. Korsvay village   Totally 50 farmers attended(Class 1 25, Class 2 25)

Using various things as for the desk

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Jun 20, 2016

“Chicken raise” training continues

The report on the “Chicken raise” training at villages of Otakon and Prahop was received.
Review on how to prepare the good feed for Chickens at Otakon village was carried out and the model of henhouse is shown to farmers of Prahop village.

1. Otakon village June 14   Totally 63 farmer attended
On June 6, the introduction of how to prepare the good chicken feed was explained. This time deeper and more practical way of preparation of chicken feed was instructed.
Recommended feed by Instructors of PDA were;
  .Carbohydrate: Corn, Cassava, Rice and other grains
  .Protein: Fish meet, Earthworm, Shellfish, Grasshopper, Cricket and Termite
  .Vitamin: Vegetable like Pumpkin and Watermelon

More practical explanation was made

Class 1 32 farmers attended               Class 2 31 farmers attended

2. Prahop village June 15  Totally 44 farmer attended
Have visited and observed the own made Henhouse by a farmer and built the sample Henhouse
recommended by Instructor of PDA.

Class 1 21 farmers attended               Class 2 23 farmers attended

It’s too small, isn’t it?                     Inside of the small Henhouse 

Recommended Henhouse with 3m x 3m land space

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Jun 9, 2016

Villagers in Battambang Province are busy with Chicken raise training

This week, the second follow up training at Phnon Khpos village and the third training at Otakon village for the Chicken raise were carried out.
Precise, steady and continuous training like these will keep the interest of farmers and bring success of the project.

Chicken raise training is the one of GEJ (Good Earth Japan)’s Agricultural Training Program for farmers who live on the post minefield to become independent.

1. Phnon Khpos village, June 6
This time, 26 farmers attended.
Reviewed the process of last year and discussed the improvement.

2. Otakon village, June 7
In total 54 farmers attended. (Class 1 was 24, Class 2 was 30)
The previous training was for how to prepare the good henhouse. This third training was for how to prepare the good feed for Chicken as the main subject.
Most likely, farmers can prepare the tasty and nutritious feed now.

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Jun 2, 2016

Chicken raise training at Otakon village is becoming more practical

As reported by Activity Report dated May 24, the Chicken raise training at Otakon village was started on May 19.
Now it is informed that the training is becoming more practical stage.
The necessities, benefits and how to prepare the henhouse were explained for 2 groups of farmers on May 30 and June 1.
For example, if the henhouse is prepared correctly, it can make the following points easier;
  a. Feeding and watering
  b. Vaccination
  c. Preventing form disease
  d. Gathering and cleaning the droppings
  e. Preventing from escape

Farmers attended the lecture, nodding their heads at nearly every words of the explanation by trainer of PDA(Provincial Department of Agriculture, Battambang Province) recognizing the differences from raising Chickens at the field loosen.
Farmers were very eager to start raising the chicks soon.

Class 1   29 farmers attended

More practical explanation using the picture and drawing

Class 2   30 farmers attended

Men and women of all ages gathered

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Jun 1, 2016

Let’s have a good crop of rice this year too

At Bosampor village here, the Rice cultivation training with 79 famers had started in last year.

The severe drought was experienced this year but it is calming down. As the rainy season is approaching, the time for planting the Rice is coming soon. Considering the such timing, on May 30, GEJ and PDA (Provincial Department of Agriculture ) have organized the follow up training of
Rice cultivation training for this village.
60 farmers gathered were divided in to two classes and were explained the following important points this time from the experience of last year.
a. Good preparation of soil
b. How to make good compost
c. Selection of good seeds

In the group, found Mr. Kok Tra who was introduced in the article of “So many Mushrooms grown!” dated April 4 listening the lecture very carefully. Mr. Kok had participated the Rice cultivation training of the last year and had a good result of almost doubled the crop of rice comparing the before the training. And he is looking forward to having the good result for this year too.

1. Class 1
32 farmers participated

The right end is Mr. Kok Tra

2. Class 2
28 farmers participated

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May 24, 2016

Chicken raise training has started

The chicken raise training and its follow up activities which is the one of Agricultural Training to support farmer who live on the post-mined field to become independent in cooperation with PDA (Provincial Department of Agriculture) in Battambang Province in Cambodia has started.

It is difficult to raise Chicken from the egg, chick and to the adult successfully.
Chicken is the important foodstuff for villagers there. However, if they want to raise Chicken and ship them to market as merchantable product, big effort of study on how to raise them correctly
and good practice are necessary.
The report on those activities has arrived.

1. Phnon Khpos village
The training in this village had started in last year.
May 18, 26 existing farmers and 11 new farmers have been lectured for the review in the past and how to raise chicken successfully.
Participants were eagerly listening the lecture by PDA trainer including the farmers who joined in last year returning their original resolution.
It is important that;
 a. Preparation of good chicken cage
 b. Hatching eggs and care of chicks
 c. Feeding and watering
 d. Protection from disease (vaccinations)
 e. Others

Taking notes of lecture

2.Otakon village
May 19 was the first day of Chicken raise training program for this village.
Before start the training, the paper test to measure the knowledge level of how to raise chicken
in general was carried out.
Further, lecture of how to raise Chicken successfully has been done.
34 farmers for Class 1, 24 farmers for Class 2 were attended.
Class 1

The lecture and paper test

Class 2

Trainer lecture passionately

3.Prahop village
The similar training of Otakon village has been carried out for this village people on May 20.
There were participants of 32 for Class 1 and 24 for Class 2.
Class 1

Farmers listen seriously

Class 2

Lecture under the shade of tree

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May 19, 2016

Adlay is starting to have the fruits

It seems like that the severe drought in Cambodia is getting in lull now. However, it was reported that under such weather condition, the Adlay of experimental cultivation is starting to have the fruits with the hard work by Mr. Phean of Slappang village in Battambang Province of giving water to Adlay.

Due to such severe drought, the growth of the Adlay was not met with the expectation and might be poor crop as seen in the picture. However, it showed that the Adlay can grow at the post-mined field. Some hope for the new crops which could be the source of new income for farmers there could be seen.

In cooperation with PDA (Provincial Department of Agriculture) in Battambang Province in Cambodia, GEJ support farmers who live on the post-mined field to become independent through the Agricultural Training including Rice growing, Mushroom cultivation, Chicken raise and backyard vegetable gardening.

Adlay is sparse by drought                Having the fruits

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May 9, 2016

Exchange visit to the successful Mushroom farmer

Mushroom Cultivation training is the one of GEJ (Good Earth Japan)’s Agricultural Training Program for farmers who live on the post minefield and for them to become independent.

This year, the Mushroom Cultivation Training had been in motion at four villages of Bosampor, Chirok, Ou Tanhean and Phnom Khpos in Battambang Province. The first harvest of Mushroom
was carried out in March and it became the time for following the effect of the training.

This time, on April 25, the exchange visit was organized by GEJ and PDA (Provincial Department of Agricultural) getting 143 farmers who joined the Mushroom Cultivation Training Program of
above four villages for them to have higher motivation on the Cultivation Training. The group had visited a successful famer with Mushroom Cultivation in a Banteay Mean Chey Province just north of Battambang Province and had studied the correct way of cultivation with suggestion, and
observed the cultivation facilities there.

The successful farmer suggested that it was very important to;
a. Secure the fresh and good quality Straws as soon after rice harvest
b. Select and purchase the good quality Spore of Mushroom
c. Perform frequent checking and control the temperature of
  Spore beds in field and/or Vinyl House

The most farmers attended the visit commented that they would buy more good quality Spores of Mushroom and increase their production.

After the visit, they stopped at the Pagoda nearby and , as reported in April 26 in WEB News, prayed for the victims and early recovery of recent Kumamoto Earthquake in Japan.

Farmers listen carefully the explanation        Big mountain of the rice Straws!

Vinyl House was bigger than ones of visitors     Inside of the house was in order

Lap up meeting by PDA staff               Praying for Kumamoto Earthquake

On the way back, they had lunch in box

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Apr 24, 2016

Shortage of Water! Fight of Adlay cultivation

Further to the activity report about experimental cultivation of Adlay on April 12, the additional report is received.
Adlay is growing well on track.

However, at Battambang Province of Cambodia, due to the unusual dry this year it is facing the serious drought. Water in Reservoirs in the area are running out.

Farmer Mr. Phean who is challenging the experimental cultivation of Adlay in Slappang Village is forced to commute to a reservoir at far away from the farm ground for giving water to Adlay.
He prays for rain looking up the sky every day.

In cooperation with PDA (Provincial Department of Agriculture) in Battambang Province in Cambodia, GEJ support farmers who live on the post-mined field to become independent through the Agricultural Training including Rice growing, Mushroom cultivation, Chicken raise and backyard vegetable gardening.
GEJ has started to cultivate the new crops which could be the source of new income for farmers there.

For the success of this experimental cultivation, the rain is absolutely necessary.

Please join us to pray for the rain together.

Adlay : Green is noticeable                Adlay: Growing

Reservoir: Nearly empty                   Water canal nearby is dried out

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Apr 21, 2016

GEJ’s activity lecture had been carried out to New employee of Hitachi

On both days of April 5 and 19, GEJ’s activities in Cambodia had been explained to New employee of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (HCM) and group companies at its Kasumigaura Institute.

The contents of the lecture were below mentioned and they are presented with Power Point
and Movies.
  Outline of NPO “Good Earth Japan”,  The disastrous history of Cambodia,
  The negative assets in Cambodia, Activities of GEJ in Cambodia.

During the sessions, there were more than 40 New Employee appealed to become the support member of GEJ.
On behalf of people who live on the post- demined land, GEJ thanked them for their support.

Furthermore, when the question and answer time, there were several questions raised from them which shows their high interest on activities of GEJ and others.

They were sincere and listen well

New employee who are learning at Global Technical Center

Again GEJ thanked to those New employee who showed interest on our lecture, and HCM which gave us such opportunity.

GEJ continue to work for increasing people who do understand GEJ’s activities in Cambodia and supporters through this kind of lectures.

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Apr 20, 2016

It was planned the Hobiki-sen would cheer on but …Kasumigaura Marathon

Fishing by Hobiki-sen (Sail Argument Boat)
It is the fishing method of pulling fishing net by natural wind power. It was developed by Fisherman Ryohei Orimoto in 1880 in Kasumigaura city. Before the invention, it was necessary to have more than 20 people to operate the fishing boat. Therefore, it contributed the improvement of fishermen’s life there. The method became obsolete around 1965 and it was revived as tourist boat now. The boats is available from three coastal cities of Kasumigaura
Lake and it can be observed that they are sailing .
                               (From Tourist Guide Ibaraki)
(Due to the strong Wind and Rain the plan was canceled on the day of Marathon. Photo: Taken by Mr. Masami Wada)

Kasumigaura Marathon and International blind people Marathon was held at Tsuchiura City, Ibaragi Prefecture.

GEJ participated to the event setting up a booth to promote the support activities in Cambodia.

This time, according to organizer, due to the repair work at the ground used, the entry numbers was
limited but above 23 thousands runner were nominated.
The themes of the Marathon were “Recover Kasumigaura, Water is the source of Sports”, “Experience the Welfare, Practice the Normalization”. 

Wind and Rain became stronger after the lunchtime, the Full Marathon Runners who were last to run affected by this very bad weather condition but they continued to run with spirit of reaching the goal.

From Cambodia where GEJ is in action, two runner were invited through NPO “Heart of Gold” which Ms. Yuko Arimori (Famous Marathon Runner) is representing and participated in the 10 miles marathon.

At the GEJ’s Booth, with the help of a staff from CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Department of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (HCM), 2 GEJ staffs were worked for promotion of activities and raising funds.

Thank you who donated and encouraged us.
GEJ continue to support farmers who live on the post minefield to become more independent.

At the eve of the event;
From the left most, Invited Runner from Cambodia, Mr Phan Sopheak (24 years old, Participated 5Km and 10Km marathon in and out of the country), Mr. Chan Samay(47 years old, Lost his right leg by Landmine). Extreme right is Interpreter Miss. Can Namaoy( Staff of NPO “Heart of Gold” Siem Reap Office as well as deputy of Japanese Teacher.

I prefer Seals than talking…               Total view of GEJ’s Booth

Mr. Tsunabuchi (Old Boy of HCM) who stayed and had been giving instruction of the machines maintenance and repair under JICA at Cambodian Mine Action Center in Battambang City also came to GEJ’s Booth for encouragement and donation.

The seals books gave away to the people who donated run out right away.

Together with Mr Phan Sopheak and Miss. Can Namaoy from Cambodia.

The photos provided by CSR Department of HCM

In front of the gate of Tsuchiura Factory, HCM    Miss. Matsuno, winner of the 2016 Miss Japan
                                   Grand Prix Award, came for cheers

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Apr 12, 2016

Adlay which is new challenge of GEJ is growing well

In cooperation with PDA (Provincial Department of Agriculture) in Battambang Province in Cambodia, GEJ support farmers who live on the post-mined field to become independent through the Agricultural Training including Rice growing, Mushroom cultivation, Chicken raise and backyard vegetable gardening.

This time, GEJ has started to cultivate the new crops which could be the source of new income for farmers there.

Following the request of Hakubaku Co., Ltd. who produce the grain food in Japan, the experimental cultivation of Adlay was started at a famer in Slappang village since March, this year.

Recently, GEJ staff in Cambodia reported that thanks to the good weather and fine care by the farmer, the Adlay is growing well without problem.

The height of Adlay was about 10cm at the middle of March, it has grown to about 20 to 30cm high in early April.
As it is expected to become the time of harvest in June and/or July, GEJ pray for continuous growing without any problem and the success of new challenge for Cambodian farmers till then.

This is for your information only but it is realized recently that the Adlay is very good food even for your beauty. Did you know of it??

As of March 16               As of March 16: Still 10cm height

As of April 6                 As of April 6: It became so big!

When it will grow, will have such fruits.
(Source: Wikipedia)

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Apr 11, 2016

Achievement Test of Mushroom Cultivation Training was carried out

Mushroom Cultivation training is the one of GEJ (Good Earth Japan)’s Agricultural Training Program for farmers who live on the post minefield and for them to become independent.

As already announced, this year, the Mushroom Cultivation Training have been in motion at four villages of Bosampor, Chirok, Ou Tanhean and Phnom Khpos in Battambang Province.
It was reported in the previous activity report that the training program was near to the goal successfully and many Mushrooms have been harvested, and even Mushroom Field day was celebrated getting more than 150 farmers from the said villages.

But it is not final of the training program by GEJ and PDA (Provincial Department of Agriculture). GEJ and PDA have tested the individual farmers to confirm their understanding of the instructions and practice which had been given during the training.

To measure the understanding and actual practice of Mushroom Cultivation Training;
1. Evaluation of the actual Mushroom bedding by Instructors of PDA
  Preparation of rice straws, water sprinkling, temperature control etc. were evaluated
2. Measure the understanding of methods of Mushroom Cultivation by paper test
  How to prepare the beddings (preparation and procedure for Vinyl house and Outdoor methods),
  plantation of Spores, maintenance of bedding, method of harvesting etc.

Based on the results of examination, GEJ and PDA shall improve the teaching methods, and use those information for the follow up activities to be followed.

1. Phnom Khpos village

Paper Test: They were very serious          Grading by Instructors

Outdoor: Little bit early?

2. Ou Tanhean village

Outdoor cultivation: How they come?          Passed?

3. Bosampor village

Paper Test: Cheating?                    Vinyl house: Good result?

Outdoor cultivation                      Own developed bedding using Drainpipes

4. Chirok village

Vinyl house cultivation                   Outdoor cultivation

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Apr 4, 2016

Please look at. So many Mushrooms grown!

The Mushroom Cultivation Training which is the one of Agricultural Training Program being carrying out in cooperation between GEJ (Good Earth Japan) and PDA (Provincial Department of Agriculture, Battambang) for helping farmers to become more independent is bearing fruit at every farmers participated.

Two activity reports concerning the training of follow-up and beginner cultivation farmers have been published on this Web site since the beginning of March. This time, the report with the photos of happiness of bloom on farmer faces and Mushrooms was sent to us.
Activities of producing Mushrooms bedding and planting Spores at four villages of Bosampor, Chirok, Ou Tanhean and Phnom Khpos have been started from March 9 and/or 10 under the instruction of Trainers of PDA.
Since then, farmers spent effort to sprinkle waters on those beddings of Mushrooms having the periodical supervisory visits by GEJ and PDA. About two weeks later, Mushrooms started to sprout everywhere on the beddings.
Please confirm the situation with the photos attached below.

Taking this opportunity, on March 25, farmers of about 150 from the all participated villages gathered at Bosampor village and celebrated the Mushrooms Field Day for observing the Mushroom Cultivation and discussion.

Furthermore, the crew of Cambodian nationwide television broadcasting network “Bayon TV” which have been following the activities of PDA and GEJ since a couple weeks ago, have also visited the Field Day and interviewed the farmers and Instructors.

1. Mushroom cultivation
Will review the outdoors and Vinyl House Cultivation.

Outdoors: Preparation of Bedding and planting Spores            Vinyl House: Bedding

Outdoors: Keep moisture of ridges            Vinyl House: Hypha is spreading

Outdoors: About 2 weeks later, Mushrooms appeared    Vinyl House: This is the same

2. Harvesting and Measuring (In case of Mr. Kok Tra of Bosampor village)

Use Knife and/or scissors for next sprout        Happy face of Mr. Kok Tra

Harvested 1 to 1.5 Kg per 0.5m2              This lady? Competing?

3. Interview by “Bayon TV”
Following is the some comments of Mr. Kok Tra when he was interviewed.;
  . It is the first time for me to cultivating “Mushrooms” and had fear of how can I.
But, I could overcome the problems by asking and consulting with the Instructors
time to time.
  .This kind of Agricultural Training Program is very good for us as it is resulting the benefit
to farmers as you can see. 
 . As the harvesting result is so good, myself and family members are very happy and satisfied.
 .Harvested about 4 to 5 Kgs per day.
 .If we bring them to market, they can be sold from 12,000 to 14,000 Riel (Approx. 3 to 3.5US$)
per Kg.  
 .Since March 22 when we started, we harvested approximately 20 Kgs. in total so far.

Interview to Mr. Kok Tra                  Interview to Instructors of PDA

4. Mushrooms Field Day
After the explanation of Mushroom Cultivation Program by Mr. Sambath of GEJ, Mr. Mony who is Deputy Director of PDA delivered the congratulations and thanks to his Instructors for their effort. The appreciation on the activities was expressed by the Chife of Snung commune.
During the session, the experience and troubles on the cultivation have been introduced by farmers who participated the program.
Finally, farmers and their family enjoyed the meals, and session was broken up.

Speech by Mr. Sambath of GEJ               Mr. Mony of PDA delivering congratulation

he appreciation was expressed by the Chife of Snung commune     Enjoying the meals

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Mar 11, 2016

Mushroom Cultivation Training is active

Mushroom Cultivation training is the one of GEJ(Good Earth Japan)’s Agricultural Training Program for farmers who live on the post minefield and has been established in the area.
This year, as explained in the previous activity report, four villages of Bosampor, Chirok, Ou Tanhean and Phnom Khpos are scheduled to be started. These villages had joined to receive Rice Cultivation training in last year and showed much interest on the Mushroom Cultivation, and asked strongly for it. Therefore, GEJ agreed to include them in this year program.
This time, villages of Bosampor, Chirok and Ou Tanhean have started. GEJ representative Mr. Sambath who joined to trainers from PDA (Provincial Department of Agricultural, Battambang Province) has reported the process how to prepare the Mushroom Spore Beds with photos as follows. Do you want to try too?
Due to the success stories from the farmers who started the cultivation in last year, as you can seen in the photos, the new farmers are well prepared and working very hard for preparation of the Mushroom Spores Beds.
Hope that the Mushroom Cultivation shall be successful and farmers can send many of Mushrooms to the market to earn some.
GEJ continue to support farmers who live on the post minefield to be more independent.

1. Chirok village
a. Vinyl house
The compost made by Rice Straws wet with plenty of water and organic fertilizer shall be placed on the shelves in the house. The compost shall be fumigated by steam. The compost of empty shells of peas shall be scattered on them and Mushroom Spores be planted.
Then water them every day controlling the temperature and humidity in the room.
About ten days later, the shoots of Mushrooms shall appear.

The compost be placed                   Steam shall be produced by drum boiler
b. Open field
Pillows of Rice Straws which are watered and soften by stepping by feet of farmer shall be made and put in order to make rows. Further watering and softening work shall be done and the compost of empty shells of peas shall be scattered and Mushroom Spores be planted on them.
The other layer of Pillows of Rice Straws shall be placed and cover them with dry Rice Straws. Next morning the surface Rice straws shall be burnt for killing ants and other insect.
Then, it shall be covered with thick layer of Rice Straws. The moisture of rows shall be maintained by watering.

Rice Straws made as Pillow                Put them in order to row

Mushroom Spores                      Planting Spores

2. Bosampor village
The training was formed into two classes.
This time, Vinyl House type method cultivation was reported.
The process of preparation is very similar to the one of Chirok village.
Many materials which can be found and gotten in the village easily are used for the Mushroom Spores Beds.

Preparation of straw shelves                Drum Boiler for steaming

3. Ou Tanhean village
The training was formed into two classes.
a. Class 1
Vinyl house and straw row methods were used.

Building Vinyl house                     Scattering composed shells of peas
b. Class 2
Vinyl house and straw row methods were used too.

Vinyl house and Drum Can Boiler            Preparing row of straw pillows

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Feb 25, 2016

Mushroom Cultivation Training for this year has started

The follow-up training at Villages of Boursankrea, Korsvay and Otakon where the Mushroom Cultivation Training had started in last year were conducted on February 23. Mr. Mony of PDA (Provincial Department of Agricultural) explained the further preparation of material and expressed the importance of non-agricultural chemicals.
During the session, the farmers who have been attending the training pointed out that the quality of Spore sold in the market are varied and it is necessary to check carefully when get them. The quality of Spore greatly affects to the growth and cause mal-taste of the Mushrooms.
Villagers already collected and piled the Rice Straws which is absolutely necessary to grow the Mushroom. The Rice Straws is used for thriving bed of Mushroom. Around this time of season, farmers tend to burn them as the fertilizer of their field. Therefore, it is very important to collect them before they disappear.
Further, other Villages like Ou Tanhean and Phnom Khpos have been visited in next day for explaining and inviting the Mushroom Cultivation Training by GEJ for this year. Mushroom Cultivation Training is the one of the important Agricultural Training support to the farmers who live on the post-mined field by GEJ activities in Cambodia. GEJ continue to support them to become more independent.
Question; You can find a dome like item in the picture of ridges of Rice Straw.
       It can be seen many at rural areas in Cambodia. What is this?
      The answer is "Charcoal kiln".

Follow-up Training (1)                   Follow-up Training (2)

Collected Rice Straws(1)                  Collected Rice Straws(2)

Explanation of Muchroom Cultivation Training(1)   Explanation of Mushroom Cultivation Training(2)

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Jan 23, 2016

The dormitory for Teachers of Slab Pang Primary School has completed

Further to the activity report dated December 3, 2015, the construction work of the dormitory for teachers of Slab Pang Primary School has completed and teachers are started to move in to the dormitory.

The Slab Pang HCM(Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.) Primary School was established 2008 and about 90 students are attending and studying there. However, due to no dormitory for 4 teachers, they had to share the dormitory at neighboring schools individually and to commute long distance to the school. As the road and transportation condition of there is not well established, they had very tough time to commute between them.

The construction work was started with the fund based on the donation from three group companies of HCM including Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra Co., Ltd., and has completed successfully recently.
Thanks to contributors, the hope of villagers is realized, and teachers are looking forward to concentrating the teaching work.

GEJ continue to make effort to support the children who hold the future of Cambodia in their hands.
Your continued support to GEJ shall be highly appreciated.

Primary school & Dormitory(far back)         Dormitory

Commemoration Plaque                 Rain Water Pots for living supply

Inspection before the completion           Group photo

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