Activity Report

Jun 6, 2017

Pumps have been repaired. It makes our daily work easier.

There are 8 Hand Pumps for pumping up water of Pond and/or groundwater at villages of Battambang Province, Cambodia where Good Earth Japan (GEJ) support farmers who live on post landmine field there.
Those pumps had been installed in 2007 or 2008 when GEJ just started the support activities in Cambodia.
Since then, they had been maintained and repaired sometimes for use. However, because of the wear of valves and/or broken handles etc., the most of Pumps have been not in use for these years, and farmers and school directors have been asking the repair.
For the area, it is essential to have Pond for the drought but the Pump is also important for drawing up the water.
This time, GEJ ordered to repair 7 Pumps either to replace or repair. At the same time, GEJ instructed farmers to improve their handling method of them.

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Jun 1, 2017

The second Pond has been completed at Bosampor village

The construction work of the second Good Earth Japan (GEJ) Pond with the size of 30m width x 60m length x 4m depth at Bosampor village which is the 31st Pond in Battambang Province, had been in its final stage to complete before the full rainy season to come, and it is almost completed now.

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May 30, 2017

Home Vegetable Gardening Training has started too

The Home Vegetable Gardening Training which is one of the Agriculture Training, Good Earth Japan (GEJ) provide to farmers who live on the post mine-field in Battambang Province, Cambodia for them to become independent has started.
This year, 3 villages of Phnom Khpos, Otakon and Ou Tanhean participate as new target, and other 2 villages of Korsvay and Boursankrea receives the follow up training.
The Home Gardening Training is well accepted by the farmers there as they can get into the activities and it can be one of their daily foods. If the quality of the vegetable is marketable and the yield is more than their consumption, they can bring them to the market for their income also.

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May 15, 2017

Thank you for coming back to us!

Good Earth Japan (GEJ) support farmers of 21 villages who live on the post minefield in Battambang Province, North West of Cambodia.
However, 2 villages of Andoung Neang and Anlongsvay among them had not been offered the real support for these 7 years.
The trainings of Rice cultivation, Frog raising and bag Mushroom cultivation in 2009 and 2010 for the farmers of Andoung Neang village was the last.

Both villages and Bung Sangke village which is newly added for the support have started to receive the Chicken raise training which are the one of Agriculture trainings which GEJ and Provincial Department of Agriculture (PDA) provide.

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May 9, 2017

The actual training was stared Chicken raise training

With the article in this WEB site dated April 11, it was reported that application and registration of the training and follow up training of Chicken raise had been started at 9 villages in Battambang Province northwest of Cambodia where Good Earth Japan (GEJ) support.
Since then, in the late April, 4 villages of Chirok, Bosampor, Boursankrea and Korsvay among them have received the first actual training by the instructors of Provincial Department of Agriculture (PDA) which cooperate with GEJ.

Chirok village; 30 farmers

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May 8, 2017

Everybody hope early completion of the dormitory for teachers

The construction work of teacher’s dormitory of Primary School at Prahop village in Battambang Province where Good Earth Japan (GEJ) extend the supports have started.

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May 8, 2017

A first Pond by GEJ at Bousankrea village

A couple of photos informing completion of the first Pond have been constructed by Good Earth Japan (GEJ) at Bousankrea village in Cambodia has arrived.
Villages are surprised with the outstanding joint work and cooperation between GEJ, Provincial Department of Rural Department (PDRD) who administrate the work, and Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC) who construct the Pond actually for the planned Pond at the village.

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Apr 20, 2017

Runners enjoyed the beautiful weather Kasumigaura Marathon

On April 16, Kasumigaura Marathon and International blind people Marathon were held at Tsuchiura and Kasumigaura Cities, Ibaragi Prefecture.
Good Earth Japan (GEJ) participated to the event setting up a booth for promoting the support activities for the farmers who live on the post minefield in Cambodia.

Runners rushing to starting area             Children also donated!

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Apr 13, 2017

The work is progressing.    New Pond at Boursankrea village

The construction of length 30m x width 20x depth 3m Pond for Boursankrea village in Battambang Province at Northwest of Cambodia which is one of the new project in this new financial term by Good Earth Japan (GEJ) has started. As the progress of work is so good, it can be completed around the beginning of May.

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Apr 11, 2017

Checking their spirit and knowledge level at first

As the new budget year of 2017 had started, the Chicken raise training and its follow up training have commenced also. Those trainings are organized and put it into action by Good Earth Japan (GEJ) and Provincial Department of Agriculture (PDA ) for farmers who live on the post minefield to become independent.
In this term, the 7 villages newly enlisted the course and 2 villages to continue its follow up training have joined. Trainings were commenced in early April at individual villages with the instruction of the course and the paper test to measure the knowledge level of how to raise chicken in general etc.

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Apr 4, 2017

Sure! It’s possible to have successful farmers in our villages

On March 31, more than 120 farmers have gathered at a farm land in Bosampor village which is one of the villages that Good Earth Japan (GEJ) and Provincial Department of Agriculture (PDA) extend the support for farmers to become independent through “Mushroom cultivation training” in the area.
Farmers were from villages of Dangkok Thnong (Newly started) and other 4 villages which were under the follow up training stage of the “Mushroom cultivation training” near to the Bosampor village.
They made a study tour of cultivation facility of Mr. Kok Tra who was introduced in the article “Ambition of Mr. Kok Tra” dated March 2 in this web site. Although it was a small scale still but he became a good example of grower of Mushroom with his strong effort and the results, and the tour was organized to learn his way of cultivation at his place.

Lecture by Mr. Kok Tra                   His Vinyl house for cultivation

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Mar 22, 2017

Now, in the full-scale training    Mushroom cultivation training

The Mushroom cultivation training and its follow up trainings which had started in the late February became in full-scale.
The in house and field training of preparing the Compost which is very important for the growth of Mushrooms have been carried out at the villages of Dangkok Thnong, Chirok, Bosampor, Ou Tanhean and Phnon Khpos in Battambang Province northwest of Cambodia by the staffs of Provincial Department of Agriculture (PDA) in the middle of March.

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Mar 6, 2017

It’s started. Mushroom cultivation training

After harvested the rice, the gathering of farmers for explaining the plan of Mushroom cultivation training in 2017 were held at villages around the post landmine field in Battambang Province, Cambodia where Good Earth Japan (GEJ) extend help.
The Mushroom cultivation training is one of the series of agriculture trainings which GEJ provide for farmers who live in the area to become independent economically.
The Rice Straws is absolutely necessary for thriving bed of Mushroom but around this time of season, farmers tend to burn them as the fertilizer to their field.
Therefore, it is very important to organize the training and follow up sessions explaining the importance of Rice Straws to be saved.

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Mar 2, 2017

Ambition of Mr. Kok Tra

Mr. Kok Tra of Bosampor village in Battambang Province of Cambodia had started to attend the Agriculture Training which were organized and conducted for the farmers who live on the post minefield by Good Earth Japan (GEJ) in conjunction with Provincial Department of Agriculture of Battambang Province (PDA) from 2015.
At first, he attended the Rice cultivation training year before and Mushroom cultivation training last year. As he was very keen to study and practice on the training always, he achieved better result than others on both courses. (Please refer to the old article of “Please look at. So many Mushrooms grown!” dated April 4, 2016.)
This year, he will attend the follow up training of Mushroom cultivation training which shall be commenced very soon.
Beside, as his harvesting result of Mushroom and income from it were so good, he decided to expand his Mushroom cultivation facility for even bigger yield. In addition of his old vinyl house for cultivation, he is building a new vinyl house which is two to three times bigger than the old one.
Furthermore, considering the efficiency for fumigation of the bed of Mushroom Spores, he has built the furnace of steam water. He believe that he can achieve his target with good quality Spores.

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Feb 28, 2017

Thank you for your valuable time

On February 24, Good Earth Japan (GEJ) have delivered a lecture of explaining the activities of supporting farmers who live on the post minefield in Cambodia to become independent and the real situation of there to the students of Noba Junior High School, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan. The attendance of the lecture was about 70 students of the third grader who shall be graduating the school in early next month.

The school mark of Noba Junior High School     Listened with a well-mannered

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Feb 21, 2017

Study on Agriculture training candidates for the next financial term

The detailed research and discussion with farmers who live on the post minefield in North West of Cambodia supported by Good Earth Japan (GEJ) for them to become independent is underway.
This time, the delegation of PDA (Provincial Department of Agriculture, Battambang Province) and GEJ representatives have visited 4 villages of Dangkok Thnong, Anlongsvay, Andoung Neang and a new candidate of village to be supported Bung Sangke. They are located nearby of man-made lake “Komping Puoy”.
Farmers of those villages in Battambang Province requested to conduct the Chicken raise and Mushroom cultivation training. The feasibility, eagerness, effect and others shall be evaluated and confirmed before the decision.

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Feb 1, 2017

Thank you! Now, we can walk the road in rainy day without problems

The construction works for improving the 1.2 Km length farm road with Laterite coverage and for a new pond at Bosampor village, and for a new pond at Chirok village in North Western part of Cambodia where Good Earth Japan (GEJ) support, had been started November last year.
The work of Ponds for both villages have been completed by early January this year.
However, due to some delay of arrangement of required equipment, the 1.2Km farm road improvement with laterite coverage has been completed in last week finally, report from Cambodia said.

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Jan 23, 2017

Will do our best to raise chickens successfully

After the excursion visit to the successful farmer of Chicken Raise, in Chrabveal village near Battambang City on December 28, in last year by 40 farmers from Otakon and Prahop villages who were attending the Chicken Raise Training organized by Good Earth Japan (GEJ) and Provincial Department of Agriculture, Battambang Province (PDA), as reported on January 6, the distribution of young chickens and chicks to those framers as for the prize of full attendance was taken place on January 20.

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Jan 16, 2017

Adlay have gotten the fruits

The progress reports of the second attempt of Adlay cultivation had been issued a couple of times since sowing with the seed of it on September 6, 2016. Thanks to your pray for success, the Adlay grown good since then and threshing work was completed after harvesting and drying it successfully.

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Jan 6, 2017

A day trip for training was held

On December 28 last year, about 40 farmers from Otakon and Prahop villages who were attending the Chicken Raise Training organized by Good Earth Japan(GEJ) and Provincial Department of Agriculture, Battambang Province(PDA) have made a excursion visit to a successful farmer of Chicken Raise, Mr. Eurn Sareun, in Chrabveal village near Battambang City. It was an hour and half one way trip by cars to the village.

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Jan 5, 2017

We found our goals!      Home Vegetable Gardening Training

Good Earth Japan(GEJ) in conjunction with Provincial Department of Agriculture, Battambang Province (PDA) had started the Home Vegetable Gardening Training to the farmers who live on the post minefield at villages of Boursankrea and Korsvay in Battambang Province northwest of Cambodia in May last year.
The training was the one of Agriculture Training Program for them to become independent and it was becoming the final stage of follow up course.

On December 27 last year, GEJ and PDA have organized the visit of successful farm with vegetable cultivation in Tasei village located about 50Km away from those villages.

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Dec 15, 2016

Had interacted with farmers and seen the their real situation in Cambodia

In December, the chairman of Good Earth Japan (GEJ), Mr. Sumioka has visited the rural area of Battambang Province in Cambodia where GEJ support the farmers there and had interaction with them, and confirmed the necessity of continuation of support and strengthen the ties with counter partners who jointly support the farmers.
As GEJ’s activities of supporting the farmers who live on the post minefield to become independent through agriculture training, improving living environment, and improvement of infrastructure etc. marked ten years anniversary this year, the visit was to make sure of the current activities and to study of feasibility of the future projects.

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Dec 8, 2016

Let’s do cleaning our school and keep it clean!

In last month, Good Earth Japan (GEJ) have distributed the cleaning materials such as Shovel, Dust Bin, Dust Pan, Broom and others which were bought from the funds of contribution by GEJ members and donations to the GEJ built primary schools.

1.Slappan Hitachi-kenki Primary School      Total School children: 62 Teachers: 4

Although the small school, they are highly motivated

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Dec 6, 2016

Please wait for a while

The construction works for improving the 1.2 Km length farm road with laterite coverage and for a new pond at Bosampor village, and for a new pond at Chirok village where Good Earth Japan (GEJ) support, has been started.
New pond at Bosampor village should be constructed merging two existing small and shallow ponds into a bigger one for villagers of 444 people. As the existing ponds were in use for living , it was desperate to have new one quickly.

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Nov 30, 2016

The farm road and Pond at Otakon village were finally completed

Although the construction work of improvement of Earth road of 3.4 Km with Laterite, new 1.2 Km Earth road and a Pond were started in July this year were delayed due to the delay of Culvert placement work and heavy rains. They have been finally completed.

The Earth road is completed

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Nov 22, 2016

The Adlay is growing well but ……

Further report of dated November 20 for the growth of the Adlay has been received.
The Adlay is growing well since the report on October 27 in WEB site.

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Nov 21, 2016

Was good! Better result than expected!

On November 20, harvesting rice at some of rice field of Ou Tanhean village at Battanbang province in Cambodia where Good Earth Japan (GEJ) support has began.
Due to the severe drought in Summer in the area, there was doubt of good crop of rice this year.
However, fortunately, the long awaited rain started around the middle of September which was in time for ripen of rice.

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Nov 9, 2016

Thank you for your understanding and donation

On November 6, Sunday, Good Earth Japan (GEJ) have participated the Festival of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. which was held at their Tsuchiura Factory in Ibaragi Prefecture for promoting the activities and asking support.
Thanks to the fine weather and good organization, the Festival was very successful with about 5,000 visitors of local residents and people from the northern parts of Japan.

There were so many visitors dropped in to GEJ booth and listened the explanation of the GEJ’s activities in Cambodia with the photo panels, and donated to support people there.

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Oct 27, 2016

Pray for success of the second attempt of Adlay cultivation

GEJ (Good-Earth-Japan) support farmers who live on the post-mined field to become independent through the Agriculture Training for cultivation of Rice, mushrooms, home gardening and Chicken raise apart from the construction of infrastructure such as School, Road and Pond etc.
Following the request of Hakubaku Co., Ltd. who produces the grain food in Japan, GEJ had started the experimental cultivation of Adlay at a famer in Slappan village since March this year, hoping the Adlay cultivation could be the new income source for farmers there.

The first attempt started from April was a failure because of the insides of Adlay fruits were empty due to the exceptional drought in Cambodia.

This time, the second attempt has started in September in the rainy season with the expectation of the success.

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Oct 13, 2016

Chicks were arriving “Chicken Raise” Training

On October 6, the closing ceremony of the follow up training for Chicken Raise Training which was conducted at the second year of the training was held at Phnon Khpos village.
Since the follow up training had started, the training for establishing know how of how to prepare the good henhouse and feed, and how to prevent Chickens from disease with practice of eye drops and vaccine injection to Chicken were carried out.
Now, it was completed and the 6 chicks each for 26 farmers were distributed for them to raise chickens.

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