Activity Report

Dec 22, 2015

New road (3.4Km) of Otakon Village has been completed

It was reported by the Representative of GEJ in Cambodia that the construction work of 3.4 Km distance living road and reservoir at Otakon Village have been completed.
The old road was easily covered by flooded water and became muddy in rainy season, and became rough road by wheel tracks and others in dry season. These were affected daily life of villagers and were forced their living very tough.
Villagers are happy with this completion as this will greatly improve their daily activities and contribute to the economy growth. The reservoir will help to prevent the new road be flooded and irrigate the farmland.

Old road (November, 2013)                New road (Under construction)

New road (Under construction)             New road (Under construction)

New road been completed

Reservoir (Under construction)             Reservoir (Completed)

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Dec 3, 2015

Construction of dormitory for teachers at Slabpang Primary School

GEJ’s activities are supported by many warmhearted donators and members.
GEJ has recently received a donation from Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra Co., Ltd., who is one of GEJ corporate members, as a part of their CSR activities, to make good use of the fund for villagers who are living in post-mine area.
After consultation with GEJ partners in Cambodia, GEJ has chosen to construct a dormitory for teachers at Slabpang Primary School.

         ◆Foundation work for a dormitory at Slabpang Primary School.◆

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Nov 27, 2015

Increased yield of rice farming, after switching to transplant of seedling

Now it is a time to harvest rice in Bosampor village where GEJ training started this year. Training was to switch to transplanting of seedling in a row with spaces, from traditional direct seeding. Though hard work to remove weed and spray home-made repellent, facing with long drought, farmer’s efforts bore fruits by following trainer’s instructions. Yield is far better, 5 tons per hectare.

◆Villagers gathered to confirm outcome◆   ◆Cutting rice straw with pleasure◆

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Nov 4, 2015

Chicken farming, one of important energy source of villagers

GEJ has started the training of chicken farming at Phnom Khpos village from this year.
Thanks to the training, number of chickens being raised has increased significantly.
Today’s assembly is to confirm the outcome.
Total 33 farmers assembled.

◆Speech from village chief◆ 

GEJ starts the event like this from a review of training in a class room. Firstly, a trainer reported the outcome.
"Total numbers of chicken were 223 before training, now after 6 months, total is 530.
Important factors to achieve good outcome are vaccination, cleanliness of chicken house and food control."
This is the fruit of GEJ training. 。

◆Class room review by trainer◆ 

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Oct 30, 2015

Visit to successful chicken farmer in neighbor village

Farmers of Phnom Khpos village visited a chicken farmer in Cherry village, Battambang City.
Total 25 families participated in this visit.

◆Location of Phnom Khpos village◆        ◆Well-grown chickens, Amazing !◆

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Oct 28, 2015

New rice growing method at Bosampor village

GEJ agriculture training has been carried on in cooperation with Provincial Department of Agriculture,Battambang.
New method, SRI (System of Rice Intensification), is adopted to increase a yield in the rice training at Basampor.

What is SRI ? Basic method is :
◆ Selection of good paddies and grow healthy seedling.
◆ Make rich soil by organic matter, and let soil contain enough air.
◆ Keep appropriate water in ground for growth of rice roots and activity of soil microbe.
Transplanting of rice seedling with regular spaces is important as well.

◆Seedling bed◆                   ◆Mixing soil with water & air by cultivator◆

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Oct 27, 2015

Villagers rehabilitate the road by themselves independently

GEJ continues to support villagers to rebuild their livelihood.
GEJ’s support is not only developing infrastructure itself such as building roads but also providing periodical training for villagers to perform maintenance work by themselves.
Villagers are getting accustomed themselves to doing.
Followings are activity report of restoration work on Japanese Government Road.

◆Now starting restoration work◆         ◆Filling damaged part with new material◆

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Oct 26, 2015

Important follow-up training, Home vegetable gardening

GEJ visit villager’s homes to do the follow-up after agricultural training.
Home vegetable gardening is important for villagers not only to eat but also to get income by selling them at the market when plenty of harvest.
This is the report at the time of visit to Trepeankhbarsuva village.
Growth of vegetable at the most of farmers are good, but some of farmers were not so good due to damages by insect pest.
Trainer gives immediate on-site training to spray home-made repellent.

◆Harvesting with smiles◆                ◆Checking insect pest ◆

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Oct 19, 2015

Frequent weeding, Home-made weed-killer

GEJ’s training covers not only farming method but also weeding and making weed-killer.
Training to plant seeds on a line with a regular space is to reduce time consumption to remove weeds and give rice better ventilation.
GEJ trains how to make home-made weed-killer instead of using chemicals which may be bad for our health, because there are many goods of poor quality.

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Oct 15, 2015

Countermeasures against road damages from flooding

In rainy season, farm roads in Battanban Province are often damaged due to floods.
GEJ has received the request for preventive measures against flood damages.
After field check and finding spots where need to be improved, installation of Culvert has been decided to flow water into irrigation canal.

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Oct 13, 2015

For potential new income source of villagers, GEJ starts new grain farming

GEJ has decided to start trial farming of new agricultural product in Cambodia in addition to the trainings for rice, vegetable, mushroom and chicken farming, aiming for new income source for villagers.
This trial farming is to produce foxtail and proso millet, according to the plan of “Hakubaku Co., Ltd.” who is the leading Kokumotsu (various grains) Company in Japan, at one each farmer in Slabpang/Otakon villages and a pilot farm of CMAC CDC (Community Development Centre).

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Oct 9, 2015

GEJ Agriculture Training contribute toward improvement of living standard

Below shows rice farming training at Chirok village, where GEJ started the training this year,and remarks from two villagers who have participated in the training.

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Sep 16, 2015

Thanks to GEJ Chicken Raising Training

Interview with 2 farmers who participated GEJ training in Phnom Khpos.

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Sep 15, 2015

GEJ started chicken raising training at Phnom Khpos village.

This is a report of chicken raising training at Phnom Khpos village where GEJ’s activity has started from this year, in cooperation with Battambang Provincial Department of Agriculture.

◆◆Classroom Training◆◆        ◆◆After training, 10 piece baby chicken
                                were presented to all families participated◆◆

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Aug 25, 2015

Visit to Mine Field

On 10th August, GEJ Study Tour Members visited mine field where CMAC (Cambodian Mine Action Centre) staff were working to clear mines. Due to the road condition, transferring to powerful truck from the bus was necessary to reach the site.

◆Truck to go to mine field◆          ◆Visit of mine field with protector◆

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Aug 24, 2015

Agriculture training to farmers is most important GEJ activity

GEJ Study Tour members have visited a model farmer and experienced mushroom raising on August 09.
Model farmer is Mrs. Touch Seiha.
Interview with her :
「I have moved to here from O Ta Ki village in 2009. I am renting 2,000 land, but rent fee is free in exchange of land maintenance work, thanks to the land owner.
I have participated GEJ’s agriculture training since 2013, and mushroom training since 2014.
I started mushroom growth with my sister-in-law and now total 3 persons including daughter-in-law are working.
I have harvested 180kg of mushroom so far this year, and income was US$500.
I would like to recall my sons who are working in Thailand and grow agricultural products together.
My wish is to buy this land from the owner in future by working hard. GEJ’s continuing training is highly appreciated.」
Yes, GEJ will continue support so that she can achieve her wish.
Study Tour Members experienced bed making of mushroom spore.
We have received a report from her a few weeks later that she harvested 3.5kg of mushroom from the bed.

◆Mrs. Seiha (first from the left)◆           ◆Rice straw is essential for spore bed◆

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Aug 24, 2015

Sanitary training at GEJ Prey Preal Primary School.

NACEF (the Nursing Action for Children’s Energetic Future) which is a volunteer circle of Japanese.
Red Cross College of Nursing and GEJ conducted sanitary training jointly at GEJ Prey Preal School.
NACEF staff has been visiting Cambodia every year to conduct health advice and education at Orphans’ homes and primary schools in the country. This year, 15 staffs of NACEF have visited.


◆Training by using various pictures◆   ◆“Open your mouth widely!”◆

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Aug 21, 2015

Present from Japan to Slab pang Hitachi Kenki Primary School.

Present from Japan to Hitachi Kenki Slab pang Primary School.
We have delivered “Toothbrush set” by using a donation from Hatsukari Primary School in Otsuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture. This donation money is from the sale of collected aluminum cans by Hatsukari student. This is in addition to a library delivered in March, 2015 by utilizing donation money from Hitachi Kenki Labor Union. 。

  ◆Hatsukari Student collecting cans◆            ◆Library delivered in March, 2015.◆

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Aug 21, 2015

GEJ study tour members participated in Field Day (Agriculture Festival)

GEJ organized Field Day in Tomnuttakun village on August 08, 2015 and study tour members joined to celebrate harvest crops.
Total assembly was about 300 people including guests.
A crop fair as well as on-the-spot sale were done at the site. It was a great occasion.
Prizes (Gold, Silver, Copper), plastic net for farming, were prepared for a crop fair for each villages.
GEJ study tour members made rice cakes, HOC (Hope of Children, home of orphans, operated by Japanese) served hamburgers.
Everybody enjoyed with Cambodian songs, dance by HOC & NACEF staff.
It was a friendly contact with villagers who are living in post-mine-cleared area.
GEJ continue to support those people by conducting agriculture training and building infrastructure.

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May 29, 2015

Share happiness at Field Day (agriculture festival)

GEJ organized Field Day in Otakang village to share happiness of mushroom harvest.

◆Villagers coming to festival site◆         ◆Looking good result!◆                

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May 18, 2015

Participating GEJ agriculture training in Ou Tan hean village

First training was held in the village with attendance of total 52 families (Please refer to the report of May 15 in regards to the location).
Training in new villages starts with questionnaires to participants to understand current method.
In cooperation with Provincial Department of Agriculture, Battanban.
Attendants listens very carefully.

◆First experience to answer questionaires◆               

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May 15, 2015

Geographical area of GEJ activities is expanding

Agriculture training area is new 4 villages in 2015.
GEJ has started trainings in new 3 villages firstly, which are Chirok, Phnom Khpos and Bosampor, and then in Ou Tan hean a little later.
GEJ start from the orientation meeting with villagers to explain the way of trainings.
GEJ listen to villagers opinion always. Two-way communication is a key.

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May 8, 2015

Wishing more yield, Looking forward to participating GEJ follow-up training !

Interviewed with 3 participants in the successful mushroom growth tour.
All 3 participants have same expectation “ More Harvest ! “.
Some issues were raised, how to obtain water in flat land with no river nearby.
Construction of “ Water Reservoir “, one of GEJ’s activities in Cambodia, is to meet farmers requirement.
Comments from 3 participants.
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May 7, 2015

Study about successful mushroom growth

In 2014, Agriculture training has started in 3 new villages, Buoursankrea, Korsvay & Otakang.
Farmers visited neighboring village, Prey Dach, to see successful mushroom growth. ● From Buorsankrea 38 families
● From Korsvay 29 families
● From Otakang 44 families
Total 111 farmers participated.
This tour is a part of GEJ training program to spark their enthusiasm.
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Apr 30, 2015

Road repair together with villagers

The road which GEJ built in Slab pang was damaged partially due to flood and such damage makes student difficult to go to school.
After receipt of request for help from villagers, GEJ has donated laterite to repair surface of the road, and Asian Development Bank has supported repair labor.
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Apr 6, 2015

Children are attracted very much to the picture book

As reported in 「NEWS」dated 25th March, 2015, GEJ has delivered Bookshelf & Picture Books by utilizing donation money given by Head Office Branch of Hitachi Kenki Labor Union to「Hitachi Kenki Primary School in Slappan」which is built by GEJ.
Children at the school, who have limited chance to reach to various books other than textbooks, stare at Picture Books. It is believed that those are very nice present for the children who will take major important role of future Cambodian development.

Bookshelf & Picture Books delivered to the school  Mostly Cambodian folk tale books

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Mar 31, 2015

How mushroom crop has been done? Firstly, check the existing method

Agricultural training started since 2014 to those villages has started to use experience in other areas.
Training at those villages highlighted in orange in the below map is explained as below.
36 families from Korsvay, 56 from Otakon and 34 from Boursankrea have participated in the training.

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Mar 20, 2015

Agricultural Training by GEJ is working effectively

GEJ has started Agricultural Training at Prahop since 2013 and has been doing follow-up training periodically.
GEJ’principle of its activities is to give continuous help until the villagers can take care of by themselves.
A letter from one of agricultural training participant in Prahop has arrived at GEJ.
Please read through.


                                      Grown mushroom, time to harvest

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Feb 21, 2015

Keeping the school in good condition is a part of pleasant study.

Battanban was the highest mine density province in Cambodia.
Helping people to rebuild their livelihood in post-mine-cleared area is the most important activity of GEJ, and GEJ is focusing on an education of children who will carry a future of Cambodia on their shoulders, as well. GEJ has built 3 primary schools so far in Battanban, but construction of school building is not the goal of activity.
Activities are continuing in a way for children to grow soundly.
In this year, sanitary training has been carried out with a big help of NACEF(the Nursing Action for Children’s Energetic Future, The Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing )(Please refer to the News dated 18th August, 2014).
This activity is to protect the schools which were built under your valuable donation, and a part of cultivation of aesthetic sentiments.

Cleaning a class room at Prey Preal         Self maintenance of pathway inside the school

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