Activity Report

Oct 6, 2016

Have gotten cheers of “Keep it up!” from many visitors  Global Festa

The Global Festa Japan was held on both days of October 1st and 2nd at the Center Promnade of Odaiba in Tokyo. The theme of the Festa this year was “ for the first step toward to new target.”
According to the organizer, 269 organization participated and had more than 100 thousand visitors for two days.

Good Earth Japan (GEJ) had also participated at RED Area(development of Agricultural area, income improvement, fare trade and others) of the Festa for introducing the activities of GEJ as a NPO and for asking the support.
The first day was slight rain unfortunately but many people visited GEJ Booth. Staff of GEJ were very busy for explaining the negative inheritance like Land mines, restoration works at villages and support to farmer in Cambodia using Panels and brochures.

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Sep 29, 2016

Presented GEJ’s activities at Igarashi Junior High School in Niigata City

GEJ was invited to present its activities in Cambodia by Igarashi Junior High School in Niigata City located on the Sea of Japan’s shoreline for their commemoration ceremony of 40 years establishment on 23rd September, 2016.
Having audience of over 500 students and other participants like teachers and distinguished guests, the secretary general of GEJ explained about disgusting negative inheritance of Land mines in Cambodia and GEJ’s support to farmers who live on post mine area to become independent.

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Sep 26, 2016

Had some rain!!    Rice cultivation training

On August 29, GEJ reported that the severe drought was experienced in June and July this year in Cambodia.
Although there was some rain in August, it was not enough for rice cultivation still. Especially, it was reported that the area of Banan and Bavel District in Battambang Province where many of villages with support of GEJ after demining were located, the most of Rice Field were dried up, and it should be expected the poor crops this year.

Since then, there was some rain in the area.
When the follow up training on September 16 at Bosampor village in Banan district which was organized by PDA (Provincial Department of Agriculture) and GEJ confirmed that although some of Rice field had been affected by the drought still but some were recovering from it and rice was growing well.

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Sep 20, 2016

It is so quick! Today is the last day in Cambodia.   GEJ Study tour No.7

August 12 (Fri)
Today, have visited the remains of Angkor which is the one of the famous world heritage.
There was a request of visiting the Angkor Wat to view it in a morning glow but as the most of member was nearly exhausted, have asked to give it up this time. (Might be next year?)
After the visit, passed by the Old Market in town and checked out the Hotel.
Left Siem Reap Airport in the evening for Japan via Hanoi Airport in Vietnam. At Hanoi Airport,
the group was divided in to two for their final destination of Narita and Chubu Airport.

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Sep 15, 2016

It was really very hard work – Land Mine clearing   GEJ Study tour No.6

August 11 (Thu)
Today’s main event was to visit and observe the Land Mine clearing work which the normal tour might not be able to organize.
After realizing the very severe work of the very special task, a headed to Tonle Sap Lake near Siem Reap City for boat cruising.

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Sep 13, 2016

Thank you!  Now, can play at the playground even after the heavy rain

Kiesel primary school in Russairo village was suffering from the flood at playground and access path to the class rooms often.

There had been a request of filling them by the school master.
Now, as the full-scale of rainy season to come soon, the school master strongly requested to do the filling to avoid the effect on classes urgently.

Considering the situation, GEJ had decided to do the filling work in conjunction with PDRD (Provincial Department of Rural Development).

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Sep 12, 2016

It was very busy but very fulfilling day GEJ Study tour No.5

August 10 (Wed)
Today, visited Kiesel primary school in Russairo village and helped the sanitation teaching by NACEF (the Nursing Action for Children's Energetic Future, volunteer circle organized by student of Japanese Red Cross Collage of Nursing) to school children at there.

Also visited the Pond and Road in Otakon village which were constructed by the help of GEJ, and a farmer who was receiving the Chicken raise training.

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Sep 7, 2016

Home Vegetable Gardening training had come to the end

At villages of Boursankrea and Korsvay in Battambang Province the training of Home Vegetable Gardening which is the one of GEJ’s Agricultural Training Program in cooperation with PDA for farmers who live on the post minefield to become independent had started from the middle of June.

On August 9, the Agri Fest which showed the result of training was held at Boursankrea village.

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Sep 6, 2016

Started with the call of “The rice is cooked well!” GEJ Study tour No.4

August 9 (Tue)
First thing in the morning, have checked whether the rice prepared last night in the rice cooker cooked well or not, and have prepared it with vinegar for Sushi rice.

Tour members participated in the Agri Festa at Boursankrea village in Battambang Province which was the one of the main event of this tour.

It was very busy day but as members could have many contacts with farmers who were supported by GEJ activities there, they were very satisfied.

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Sep 1, 2016

Take an overwhelming time to clear Land Mines off GEJ Study Tour No.3

August 8 (Mon)
Today, went to visit GEJ Phnom Penh Office and CMAC (Cambodian Mine Action Centre) Head quarter. After had a lunch at Santa Café, headed to Battambang City in north of Cambodia.

Tour members listen with serious attitude

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Aug 30, 2016

Deeply touched the tragic past        GEJ Study Tour No.2

Yesterday was the arrival day at Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Because had a limited time, took a dinner at Chinese restaurant next to the Hotel.
Had advises on the trip in Cambodia from Mr. Sato who already had joined the GEJ Study Tour five times.
The member cheered for safe and successful journey with Angkor Beer.

Advises by Mr. Sato

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Aug 29, 2016

Still, the affect of drought continues….

In Cambodia, the severe drought was experienced in June and July this year.
Although there was some rain in August, it was not enough for rice cultivation still.
Especially, it was reported that the area of Banan and Bavel District in Battambang Province where many of villages with support of GEJ after demining were located, the most of Rice Field were dried up, and it shall be expected the poor crops this year.
As self-evident in the photos below, some of Rice Field had the cracks due to the severe drought.

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Aug 23, 2016

Seeing was believing! It was very beneficial and enjoyable Study Tour.

GEJ (Good Earth Japan) has organized the GEJ Cambodia Study Tour this year too.

In total 12 member departed Japan on August 6 heading to Phnom Penh City in Cambodia via Ho Chi Ming City in Vietnam.
The group realized and deeply worried about negative inheritance of remaining Land Mines and Unexploded bombs, and the evidences of massacre during the civil war.
Tour members have also experienced the effort of supporting farmers who live at the post land mines area to become independent.
After, visited the positive heritage of Angkor, all member returned home safely at early morning of August 13.

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Aug 2, 2016

Achievement Test of “Chicken Raise” training Otakon Village

At Otakon Village, the “Chicken Raise” Training had started on May 19 this year.  Since then, 9 times of the lecture and practice trainings by instructors of PDA (Provincial Department of Agriculture, Battambang Province) were conducted.

This time, as the summarization of trainings, attended by the local staff of GEJ (Good Earth Japan), the achievement test to confirm the understanding of farmers for the lecture and practice which had been given during the training was carried out.

Achievement Test                      Remembering the past training…

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Jul 29, 2016

Let’s have vegetables grow well.  Training of Home Vegetable Gardening

At villages of Boursankrea and Korsvay in Battambang Province the training of Home Vegetable Gardening has been continuing since middle of June.
Farmers have been learning the method of how to prepare the compost and the seed bedding and how to sow etc. from the instructors of PDA (Provincial Department of Agriculture, Battambang Province) with lecture and practice.

In July, farmers received the seed of Cucumber, Long Egg Plant, Long bean, Pumpkin and Pakchoi from GEJ. After sowing, the sprout of them came out and their seedling were replanted to ridges, and they are growing. Now, it is necessary for taking care of preventing those plants from disease and harmful insect, and sever climate there.

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Jul 29, 2016

Now, it is easy and safe to access the Ponds

In 2010, GEJ constructed two water pond at Russairo village.
To commute to Ponds it was necessary to pass the hands made wooden bridge or the log bridge. Therefore, farmers of Russairo village have been requesting the improvement of access for increase the usage of the Ponds and safety.

GEJ decided to put culvert on the water ways for easy access to those Ponds in corporation with PDRD (Provincial Department of Rural Development, Battambang Province) and farmers there.

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Jul 19, 2016

GEJ participated in International Fest “Aw kohn, Cambodia”

GEJ (Good Earth Japan) have participated in International Festa “Aw kohn, Cambodia” which was organized by Yamanashi International Association (YIA) and held at their place in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture on July 16.
GEJ exhibited photo panels explaining the activities of GEJ in Cambodia.

It’s ready!                          Explained the activities in detail

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Jul 19, 2016

Villagers repaired the farm road themselves

On July 15, at villages of Andok Dammuoy , Kokchou in Ratanakkmondol District and other villages of Slappan, Tomunuttaken in Bavel District, farmers were busy with repair works of the farm roads which were constructed by GEJ and Japanese Government nearby their places.

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Jul 11, 2016

Precaution is important always. “Chicken raise” training

On July 4 and 5, the follow up work of “Chicken raise” training by instructors of PDA (Provincial Department of Agriculture) at Phnon Khpos village was held.

1. At Phnon Khpos village   Follow up work and practicing

Explain the importance of vaccine            Time schedule of vaccination too

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Jul 7, 2016

Construction of Farm road and Pond is progressing in Otakon village

The agreement of construction works for a new Earth road, modification of current Earth road to Laterite road and a new Pond at Otakon village in Battambang Province had been signed with CMAC (Cambodian Mine Action Centre) in last month.
As the rainy season will start soon in Cambodia, the construction sites are very busy for quicken the works finishing them before the rain will get hard.

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Jul 1, 2016

Now, let’s plant the seeds. Training of home vegetable gardening.

On June 22, the training of how to make compost and how to plants the seeds etc. were carried out to the farmers of villages of Boursankrea and Korsvay as the second phase training of home vegetable gardening.
At Boursankrea village, totally 53 farmers ( class 1 and 2) attended. At Korsvay village, totally 41 farmers (class 1 and 2) attended.

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Jun 23, 2016

The Road and Pond construction works at Otakon village will start

On June 20, the agreement of the following construction works at Otakon village in Battambang Province has been signed between Mr. Heng Ratana , Delegate of the Royal Government in charge as Director General of CMAC(Cambodian Mine Action Centre) and Secretary General of GEJ at Head Office of CMAC in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
 a.Modifying the earth road of 3.4Km length to Laterite surface
 b.Construction of new 1.25Km length of earth road
 c.Construction of one new pond for agriculture use
There was very strong request on the above “b” which is connecting two meeting places for agriculture training etc. Currently, it is a narrow and waste path, and it become very muddy in rainy season.

This time GEJ have decided to construct them with the budget of year 2016.
The plan was realized with couples of meeting with farmers in the village with the help of PDRD(Provincial Department of Rural Development, Battambang Province) staff, and the negotiations with CMAC for cost.

GEJ always consider effective use of the fund which was raised by donation and membership fee.
We can recall the smiles of farmers in Otakon village.

Signing the agreement

Left: Mr. Ratana, Right: Secretary General of GEJ

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Jun 21, 2016

The training of home vegetable gardening was also started

On June 16, the home vegetable gardening training for this year was started at villages of Boursankrea and Korsvay located at the north west of Battambang Province.

The vegetables to be produced is not only for the home consumption but, if the quality is good,
it can be shipped to the market for sale. And it shall become the one of income sources
of farmers there. The home vegetable gardening training is the one of GEJ (Good Earth Japan)’s Agricultural Training Program for farmers who live on the post minefield become independent.

This time, the following instructions were given to farmers by the instructors of PDA (Provincial Department of Agriculture, Battambang Province) which is the one of counter partner of GEJ.
 . The way how to prepare the good compost
 . How to protect vegetables from disease and harmful insects.
We believe that the indoor lecture like this is essential before going to the field.
Let’s look at what kind of vegetable shall be seeded and how they will grow!

1. Boursankrea village      Totally 55 farmers attended

Class 1 22 farmers                     Class 2 32 farmers attended

Practicing how to prepare the compost          Compost is ready for use

The garden of model farmer was plowed

2. Korsvay village   Totally 50 farmers attended(Class 1 25, Class 2 25)

Using various things as for the desk

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Jun 20, 2016

“Chicken raise” training continues

The report on the “Chicken raise” training at villages of Otakon and Prahop was received.
Review on how to prepare the good feed for Chickens at Otakon village was carried out and the model of henhouse is shown to farmers of Prahop village.

1. Otakon village June 14   Totally 63 farmer attended
On June 6, the introduction of how to prepare the good chicken feed was explained. This time deeper and more practical way of preparation of chicken feed was instructed.
Recommended feed by Instructors of PDA were;
  .Carbohydrate: Corn, Cassava, Rice and other grains
  .Protein: Fish meet, Earthworm, Shellfish, Grasshopper, Cricket and Termite
  .Vitamin: Vegetable like Pumpkin and Watermelon

More practical explanation was made

Class 1 32 farmers attended               Class 2 31 farmers attended

2. Prahop village June 15  Totally 44 farmer attended
Have visited and observed the own made Henhouse by a farmer and built the sample Henhouse
recommended by Instructor of PDA.

Class 1 21 farmers attended               Class 2 23 farmers attended

It’s too small, isn’t it?                     Inside of the small Henhouse 

Recommended Henhouse with 3m x 3m land space

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Jun 9, 2016

Villagers in Battambang Province are busy with Chicken raise training

This week, the second follow up training at Phnon Khpos village and the third training at Otakon village for the Chicken raise were carried out.
Precise, steady and continuous training like these will keep the interest of farmers and bring success of the project.

Chicken raise training is the one of GEJ (Good Earth Japan)’s Agricultural Training Program for farmers who live on the post minefield to become independent.

1. Phnon Khpos village, June 6
This time, 26 farmers attended.
Reviewed the process of last year and discussed the improvement.

2. Otakon village, June 7
In total 54 farmers attended. (Class 1 was 24, Class 2 was 30)
The previous training was for how to prepare the good henhouse. This third training was for how to prepare the good feed for Chicken as the main subject.
Most likely, farmers can prepare the tasty and nutritious feed now.

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Jun 2, 2016

Chicken raise training at Otakon village is becoming more practical

As reported by Activity Report dated May 24, the Chicken raise training at Otakon village was started on May 19.
Now it is informed that the training is becoming more practical stage.
The necessities, benefits and how to prepare the henhouse were explained for 2 groups of farmers on May 30 and June 1.
For example, if the henhouse is prepared correctly, it can make the following points easier;
  a. Feeding and watering
  b. Vaccination
  c. Preventing form disease
  d. Gathering and cleaning the droppings
  e. Preventing from escape

Farmers attended the lecture, nodding their heads at nearly every words of the explanation by trainer of PDA(Provincial Department of Agriculture, Battambang Province) recognizing the differences from raising Chickens at the field loosen.
Farmers were very eager to start raising the chicks soon.

Class 1   29 farmers attended

More practical explanation using the picture and drawing

Class 2   30 farmers attended

Men and women of all ages gathered

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Jun 1, 2016

Let’s have a good crop of rice this year too

At Bosampor village here, the Rice cultivation training with 79 famers had started in last year.

The severe drought was experienced this year but it is calming down. As the rainy season is approaching, the time for planting the Rice is coming soon. Considering the such timing, on May 30, GEJ and PDA (Provincial Department of Agriculture ) have organized the follow up training of
Rice cultivation training for this village.
60 farmers gathered were divided in to two classes and were explained the following important points this time from the experience of last year.
a. Good preparation of soil
b. How to make good compost
c. Selection of good seeds

In the group, found Mr. Kok Tra who was introduced in the article of “So many Mushrooms grown!” dated April 4 listening the lecture very carefully. Mr. Kok had participated the Rice cultivation training of the last year and had a good result of almost doubled the crop of rice comparing the before the training. And he is looking forward to having the good result for this year too.

1. Class 1
32 farmers participated

The right end is Mr. Kok Tra

2. Class 2
28 farmers participated

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May 24, 2016

Chicken raise training has started

The chicken raise training and its follow up activities which is the one of Agricultural Training to support farmer who live on the post-mined field to become independent in cooperation with PDA (Provincial Department of Agriculture) in Battambang Province in Cambodia has started.

It is difficult to raise Chicken from the egg, chick and to the adult successfully.
Chicken is the important foodstuff for villagers there. However, if they want to raise Chicken and ship them to market as merchantable product, big effort of study on how to raise them correctly
and good practice are necessary.
The report on those activities has arrived.

1. Phnon Khpos village
The training in this village had started in last year.
May 18, 26 existing farmers and 11 new farmers have been lectured for the review in the past and how to raise chicken successfully.
Participants were eagerly listening the lecture by PDA trainer including the farmers who joined in last year returning their original resolution.
It is important that;
 a. Preparation of good chicken cage
 b. Hatching eggs and care of chicks
 c. Feeding and watering
 d. Protection from disease (vaccinations)
 e. Others

Taking notes of lecture

2.Otakon village
May 19 was the first day of Chicken raise training program for this village.
Before start the training, the paper test to measure the knowledge level of how to raise chicken
in general was carried out.
Further, lecture of how to raise Chicken successfully has been done.
34 farmers for Class 1, 24 farmers for Class 2 were attended.
Class 1

The lecture and paper test

Class 2

Trainer lecture passionately

3.Prahop village
The similar training of Otakon village has been carried out for this village people on May 20.
There were participants of 32 for Class 1 and 24 for Class 2.
Class 1

Farmers listen seriously

Class 2

Lecture under the shade of tree

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May 19, 2016

Adlay is starting to have the fruits

It seems like that the severe drought in Cambodia is getting in full now. However, it was reported that under such weather condition, the Adlay of experimental cultivation is starting to have the fruits with the hard work by Mr. Phean of Slappang village in Battambang Province of giving water to Adlay.

Due to such severe drought, the growth of the Adlay was not met with the expectation and might be poor crop as seen in the picture. However, it showed that the Adlay can grow at the post-mined field. Some hope for the new crops which could be the source of new income for farmers there could be seen.

In cooperation with PDA (Provincial Department of Agriculture) in Battambang Province in Cambodia, GEJ support farmers who live on the post-mined field to become independent through the Agricultural Training including Rice growing, Mushroom cultivation, Chicken raise and backyard vegetable gardening.

Adlay is sparse by drought                Having the fruits

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May 9, 2016

Exchange visit to the successful Mushroom farmer

Mushroom Cultivation training is the one of GEJ (Good Earth Japan)’s Agricultural Training Program for farmers who live on the post minefield and for them to become independent.

This year, the Mushroom Cultivation Training had been in motion at four villages of Bosampor, Chirok, Ou Tanhean and Phnom Khpos in Battambang Province. The first harvest of Mushroom
was carried out in March and it became the time for following the effect of the training.

This time, on April 25, the exchange visit was organized by GEJ and PDA (Provincial Department of Agricultural) getting 143 farmers who joined the Mushroom Cultivation Training Program of
above four villages for them to have higher motivation on the Cultivation Training. The group had visited a successful famer with Mushroom Cultivation in a Banteay Mean Chey Province just north of Battambang Province and had studied the correct way of cultivation with suggestion, and
observed the cultivation facilities there.

The successful farmer suggested that it was very important to;
a. Secure the fresh and good quality Straws as soon after rice harvest
b. Select and purchase the good quality Spore of Mushroom
c. Perform frequent checking and control the temperature of
  Spore beds in field and/or Vinyl House

The most farmers attended the visit commented that they would buy more good quality Spores of Mushroom and increase their production.

After the visit, they stopped at the Pagoda nearby and , as reported in April 26 in WEB News, prayed for the victims and early recovery of recent Kumamoto Earthquake in Japan.

Farmers listen carefully the explanation        Big mountain of the rice Straws!

Vinyl House was bigger than ones of visitors     Inside of the house was in order

Lap up meeting by PDA staff               Praying for Kumamoto Earthquake

On the way back, they had lunch in box

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