Oct 24, 2014

Hekisuikai group visited GEJ project

Members of Hekisuikai (Suppliers°« association to Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra) organize regularly overseas study tour to enlarge their experience.
This year they visited Prey Preal GEJ Primary School and minefield to see clearance work in Cambodia.
At the school, they were welcomed by pupils and enjoyed jumping rope with them.
Members of Hekisuikai offered soccer balls to pupils as a present.
After playing with tour members, pupils were happy to receive a notebook to study and a bread and water for lunch.
Then, members of Hekisuikai visited minefield and were surprized with unimaginable hard work of the mine clearance.

Ę° Memorial photo with pupils Ę°

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Sep 5, 2014

All together at an orphanage in Battambang province

Commemorating 7th anniversary of GEJ, we organized °»Agri-Cultural Festival°… named °»GEJ Festa in Cambodia°… to confirm the achievement of our activity in these years with villagers.
In this occasion, many friendships were born.
To organize the Agri-Cultural Festival, we proposed the collaboration to institutions in Battambang province and Ms. Iwata who supports an orphanage °»HOC°… agreed to join us with children.
Before the festival, Mr. Iwasaki and Mr. Otagiri who teach singing for the festival visited the orphanage to organize a small singing party.
On same day, by chance, 8 students of Tsuda College visited the orphanage for their study tour and joined not only to the singing party but also to the Agri-Cultural Festival.
It is very nice to develop the links with more people.

==Performance of Mr. Iwasaki and Mr. Otagiri==

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Sep 1, 2014

°»Oinarisan°… and °»Pumpkin Pudding°…°°

In GEJ Cambodia study tour of 2014, several options were planned. This is news on one of the option of the tour: cuisine exchange in familiar restaurant café in Phnom Penh °»SUNTA°…. It is exchange of recipe between°… Japanese cuisine°… and °»Cambodian dessert°…. On 21st August 2014, 4 of 15 tour members joined to this option. As Japanese cuisine, °»Makizushi (rolled sushi)°… and °»Oinarisan (pouch of fried bean curd stuffed with vinegared rice)°… and as, Cambodian dessert, °»Pumpkin Pudding°… were selected. It was a nice exchange.

Going to purchase of ingredients by Tuk-tuk°°°°°°°°°°°°Selecting ingredients of sushi

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Aug 18, 2014

Students of the Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing visit the GEJ Project

NACEF° the Nursing Action for Children's Energetic Future is a volunteer club activity of students of the Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing founded in 2002. Since then, club members succeed to their activity from elder students to younger students.

Every year, they visit an orphanage in Cambodia for medical examination and health education of children.
This year, they visited Prey Preal GEJ Primary School and Rosseiro Kiezel Primary School of which school houses were built by GEJ.
13 members of NACEF implemented the medical examination and health education to more than 400 pupils in total of two schools.
At first, they made quiz to call children°«s attention to health and nutrition and then checked condition of children such as:
-Oral hygiene
-Nail and
-Intestines (checked with stool scale)
They taught also the teeth brushing that may be the first experience for children.

==NACEF members lecturing to children==

==Children trying teeth brushing ==

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Jun 2, 2014

One day in Rosseiro Kiesel Primary School

Following is scene of teachers dormitory on a holiday in Rosseiro Kiesel Primary School constructed by GEJ on the request of villagers. When house was built, dormitory lacked drain pipes and jars for storage of rain water. Now they are completed and a simple communal kitchen is also set up.

Dormitory equipped with drain pipes and jars°°°°°°°°°°°°°°Communal kitchen

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May 29, 2014

Presentation of notebook from pupils of Hatsukari primary school to Cambodian pu

Activity of GEJ is dependent on kind support from many peoples. This time we report on the gift from pupils of Hatsukari primary school, Otsuki city, Yamanashi prefecture Japan. According to educational principle of Hatsukari primary school, pupils learn about °»peace°…, °»environment°… and °»welfare°… through practical activities and school events. As one of these activities, they collect waste aluminum cans from their home and sell them for recycling. Before, the money raised by this activity was used for purchase of welfare materiel but once they learned the situation of Cambodia they have been donated them for GEJ activity of which mission is support for rebuilding of livelihood and enhancement of self-reliance of Cambodian people.

==Pupils trample aluminum can to reduce volume ==

In parallel to the donation, the cultural exchange was activated. They exchanged the pictures with pupils of primary schools of Battmbang Province and, received officers from Battambang Provincial Department of Rural Development and others who visited the school. This activity and donation reflect the will of pupils. We can find teachers mind of watching and taking care of pupils for cultivation of aesthetic sensitivity. This time we used the received donation in concrete and direct way. We presented notebooks to the pupils of 3 Cambodian primary schools of which school houses were constructed by GEJ. In Japan, notebook does not seem to be a big present, in fact, it is very precious thing in Cambodia. All pupils enjoyed same gift.

==Pupils are very happy receiving notebook==

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Oct 28, 2013

Investigation on damages by flood in the area where even 4WD car can°«t approach

After heavy rain and floods in Cambodia, water subsided finally and we can start to think how to deal with the damages. Comparing with damages of typhoon in Japan, readers may feel that °»those level of floods and damages on the roads are not serious.°… In fact, impact of damages is not same in advanced countries and in developing countries such as Cambodia. In advanced countries, information systems and risk management are well developed and infra-structures and rescue-system also. Economic growth of Cambodia is significant but, for catching up from the tragic history, capacity of administration of government is not yet sufficient. In rural area of Battambang province where GEJ implements assistance activities, electricity is not connected and transportation is carried by cart drew by old tractor, motor-bike and by-cycle. In these situations, destruction of roads brings serious obstacle of life. We hope readers will take consideration of our impression about difference of impact from natural disaster caused by difference of resources of country (infra-structures and standard of living). GEJ staff decided to survey the damages to study how to restore the roads with villagers before the passage of time amplify the difficulty of villagers. Investigation team moved by 4WD car, but the car got stuck in the muddy road just in front of entrance of Rosseiro village and the team managed to escape with help of villagers.

From Prey Preal village to Tomnaptakun village, the survey team moved by bikes because on the destroyed road neither car nor tractor can pass. In Slappang village where surface of roads is most severely damaged, even 4WD car was sometime stopped by slipping and the team asked help of villagers. They arrived destination taking several times hours more than normal condition. Based upon the survey, GEJ will make restoration plan with cooperation of villagaers.

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Oct 15, 2013

A flood attacked Cambodia

Not only in Japan, but everywhere in the earth, people face damages because of the extraordinary weather such as a flood. In Cambodia as well, there have been extremely heavy rain this year, and a flood spread widely in Battambang province where Good Earth Japan promoting its activities. Fortunately the flood that has attacked people is now starting to fade down. We will communicate closely with staffs in Cambodia and investigate how we can restore the damages.

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Nov 28, 2012

Progress of construction of Prey Preal Primary Scchool

Children in Prey Preal village of Battanban Province are studying at wooden block school made by villagers°« hands.
Due to small size, only lower classes and students of upper classes are forced to go to different school located in other village.
Villagers are strongly hoping construction of new school in order to improve such hard circumstances.  Read More

Mar 29, 2012

Honorable guest to Primary School in Rossei Ro Village:Kiesel Primary School

Mr. Tsuyoshi KITAZAWA, former professional Soccer Player of JFC visited Kiesel Primary School in Rossei Ro village constructed in 2008 by G.E.J with the finance of Messrs. Kiesel GmbH in Germany, distributor of Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe B.V, for the purpose of international friendship between Japan and Cambodia.
Mr. KITAZAWA has been acting international friendship through soccer and he wants to exchange friendship with students living in post-mine area on the way to visit the de-mining site under the arrangement of JICA and CMAC.

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