Activity Report

Adlay have gotten the fruits

Jan 16, 2017

The progress reports of the second attempt of Adlay cultivation had been issued a couple of times since sowing with the seed of it on September 6, 2016. Thanks to your pray for success, the Adlay grown good since then and threshing work was completed after harvesting and drying it successfully.

Following the request of Hakubaku Co., Ltd. who produces the grain food in Japan, GEJ had started the experimental cultivation of Adlay at a famer Mr. Phean in Slappan village, Battambang Province. The first attempt started from April, 2016 was a failure because of the insides of Adlay fruits were empty due to the exceptional drought in Cambodia. Therefore, GEJ made sure of every steps of cultivation having fine contact with Mr. Phean. As it was covered with water when the flood, GEJ had worried about poor crops but finally it could reach the threshing work and had gotten the fruits weighed about 16 Kgs.
Now, Hakubaku Co., Ltd. will decide whether it can be feasible to start its larger scale cultivation or not by studying the quality, harvested amount and others of Adlay fruits in detail.

In cooperation with PDA (Provincial Department of Agriculture) in Battambang Province in Cambodia, GEJ support farmers who live on the post-mined field to become independent through the Agricultural Training including Rice growing, Mushroom cultivation, Chicken raise and backyard vegetable gardening. GEJ is also challenging to cultivate the Adlay which could be the new income source for farmers there.

Bundling up the Adlay                   Drying carefully

                 The yield of about 16 Kgs. after dry