Activity Report

Will do our best to raise chickens successfully

Jan 23, 2017

After the excursion visit to the successful farmer of Chicken Raise, in Chrabveal village near Battambang City on December 28, in last year by 40 farmers from Otakon and Prahop villages who were attending the Chicken Raise Training organized by Good Earth Japan (GEJ) and Provincial Department of Agriculture, Battambang Province (PDA), as reported on January 6, the distribution of young chickens and chicks to those framers as for the prize of full attendance was taken place on January 20.

The training lessons of how to make the hen house, how to prepare the good feed, the method of vaccination and others were carried out during the training period in house and at field, and the all program for Chicken raise training was finished by this distribution.

Chickens are the one of important income sources of farmers if it shall be well grown to marketable as well as their food of protein-rich. GEJ hope that chicks shall be brought up well and increase their numbers.

Mr. Hai Ngy had moved in to Otakon village in 2005, and he had been attending the training courses of Rice cultivation, Mushroom cultivation and Chicken raise for three years.
Before attending the Chicken raise training, he had a bitter experience of he lost many chickens by disease. However,since he received the Chicken raise training course by GEJ and PDA, he could raise them without big trouble, he could ship 50 chickens and earn about 280 US dollars in recent months as the result.

Chicken raise training is the one of GEJ’s Agricultural Training Program for farmers who live on the post minefield to become independent. As this training for two villagers were finished, the Agricultural Training Program of GEJ for this financial year was completed accordingly.

1.Prahop village

Looked back the courses and pointed out the improvement   Distribution of chicks

These are Chicks

2.Otakon village

Summarization                        Distribution of Young Chickens

Mr. Hai Ngy