Activity Report

Thank you for your valuable time

Feb 28, 2017

On February 24, Good Earth Japan (GEJ) have delivered a lecture of explaining the activities of supporting farmers who live on the post minefield in Cambodia to become independent and the real situation of there to the students of Noba Junior High School, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan. The attendance of the lecture was about 70 students of the third grader who shall be graduating the school in early next month.

The school mark of Noba Junior High School     Listened with a well-mannered

The students showed keen interest on the video which showed the wide area of Land Minefield and the tremendous damages caused by them, and farmers who are working very hard to live on the post minefield.
Furthermore, the students deepen their understanding of the GEJ’s activities as NPO who extend the support to the farmers who live in the remote area in Cambodia where the Government aids not reach from the lecture.

GEJ hope that the students will study hard continuously and the lecture will help their understanding on the Social contribution.

Thank you students for your valuable time!

During the lecture                      Watching Video

Bouquet was handed over to Secretary-general   Replicas of Land Mines to help understanding
of GEJ