Activity Report

Ambition of Mr. Kok Tra

Mar 2, 2017

Mr. Kok Tra of Bosampor village in Battambang Province of Cambodia had started to attend the Agriculture Training which were organized and conducted for the farmers who live on the post minefield by Good Earth Japan (GEJ) in conjunction with Provincial Department of Agriculture of Battambang Province (PDA) from 2015.
At first, he attended the Rice cultivation training year before and Mushroom cultivation training last year. As he was very keen to study and practice on the training always, he achieved better result than others on both courses. (Please refer to the old article of “Please look at. So many Mushrooms grown!” dated April 4, 2016.)
This year, he will attend the follow up training of Mushroom cultivation training which shall be commenced very soon.
Beside, as his harvesting result of Mushroom and income from it were so good, he decided to expand his Mushroom cultivation facility for even bigger yield. In addition of his old vinyl house for cultivation, he is building a new vinyl house which is two to three times bigger than the old one.
Furthermore, considering the efficiency for fumigation of the bed of Mushroom Spores, he has built the furnace of steam water. He believe that he can achieve his target with good quality Spores.

GEJ hope that his new project shall be successful and will keep eyes on it together with PDA.
GEJ support farmers who live on the post minefield to become independent through like this agriculture training, improving living environment, and improvement of infrastructure. 

The old vinyl house when he started          Together with his wife

Inside of the old vinyl house

New vinyl house under construction           The steam furnace for fumigation

Secured the enough rice straws for the project    Now, better Quality Control