Activity Report

It’s started. Mushroom cultivation training

Mar 6, 2017

After harvested the rice, the gathering of farmers for explaining the plan of Mushroom cultivation training in 2017 were held at villages around the post landmine field in Battambang Province, Cambodia where Good Earth Japan (GEJ) extend help.
The Mushroom cultivation training is one of the series of agriculture trainings which GEJ provide for farmers who live in the area to become independent economically.
The Rice Straws is absolutely necessary for thriving bed of Mushroom but around this time of season, farmers tend to burn them as the fertilizer to their field.
Therefore, it is very important to organize the training and follow up sessions explaining the importance of Rice Straws to be saved.

The sessions were held at villages of Dangkok Thnong, Chirok, Bosampor, Otakon and Phnon Khpos by instructors of PDA (Provincial Department of Agriculture, Battambang) together with GEJ staff in Cambodia.
Mushroom cultivation training is well accepted and have many participants as it is not necessary to invest much and if you are very keen and work hard, it may become one of the good income products. (Please refer to the article of “The new plan of Mr. Kok Tra" dated March 2nd.)

Overview of sessions
Although under very hot condition of 35 to 40 Degree Celsius in the daytime, farmers were listening the explanation very hard. Some of farmers already secured the Rice straws.

Dangkok Thnong village                   Chirok village

                          Bosampor village Group 1

Bosampor village Group 2                 Ou Tanhean village Group 1

                                               Ou Tanhean village Group 2

Phnon Khpos village

                         Already collected and piled the Rice Straws