Activity Report

Checking their spirit and knowledge level at first

Apr 11, 2017

As the new budget year of 2017 had started, the Chicken raise training and its follow up training have commenced also. Those trainings are organized and put it into action by Good Earth Japan (GEJ) and Provincial Department of Agriculture (PDA ) for farmers who live on the post minefield to become independent.
In this term, the 7 villages newly enlisted the course and 2 villages to continue its follow up training have joined. Trainings were commenced in early April at individual villages with the instruction of the course and the paper test to measure the knowledge level of how to raise chicken in general etc.

The Chicken raise training consist of the methods of how to make fine Chicken cages, good feed, vaccination to prevent from disease and many other terms for raising chicken in house and at field.
The chicken meat and egg are protein-rich foods for farmers, and it could be one of the sources of their income, if it is successful.
After the instruction and test, farmers registered the participation with the declaration of their hard work.

As there are so many registrants, GEJ hope no dropout from the trainings and to see their smiles of satisfaction from the quality trainings afterwards.

The Bung Sangke village should be the 21st village of which GEJ started to support in Battambang province in 2007 from this Chicken raise training.

GEJ support farmers who live on the post minefield to become independent through like this agriculture training, improving living environment, and improvement of infrastructure.

1.Andoung Neang village (New)
  47 farmers had registered.

After the explanation of outline of the course, tested to measure the knowledge level of Chicken raise know how.

2. Bung Sangke village (New)
  43 farmers had registered.

As this village was new for GEJ/PDA, the very precise introduction and explanation were conducted.

3. Anlongsvay village (New)
  48 farmers had registered.

The paper test was carried out here too.

4. Chirok village (New)
  51 farmers had registered.

The explanation and discussion about the new project of Laterite coverage on village roads was done also.

5. Boursankrea village (New)
  57 famers had registered (Group 1 30, Group 2 27.).

6. Bosampor village (New)
  79 farmers had registered (Group 1 51, Group 2 28.).

Group 1                            Group 2

7. Korsvay village (New)
  34 farmers had registered.

8. Otakon village (Follow up)
  50 farmers had registered ( Group 1 24, Group 2 26.).

Group 1                             Group 2

9. Prahop village (Follow up)
Due to the wedding ceremony at the time, 21 farmers attended this time. The next shall be more.

Chicks delivered to Mr. Som Sopath in January grown well without missing.