Activity Report

A first Pond by GEJ at Bousankrea village

May 8, 2017

A couple of photos informing completion of the first Pond have been constructed by Good Earth Japan (GEJ) at Bousankrea village in Cambodia has arrived.
Villages are surprised with the outstanding joint work and cooperation between GEJ, Provincial Department of Rural Department (PDRD) who administrate the work, and Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC) who construct the Pond actually for the planned Pond at the village.

Furthermore, as it was completed before the Rain season and they can store the enough water for their agriculture work and for other consumptions overcoming the next Dry season to come, they say.

Thank you, members and other supporters of GEJ.

GEJ support farmers who live on the post minefield to become independent through agriculture training, improving living environment, and also improvement of infrastructure.

The digging work was finished            The concrete steps for drawing water were installed