Activity Report

Home Vegetable Gardening Training has started too

May 30, 2017

The Home Vegetable Gardening Training which is one of the Agriculture Training, Good Earth Japan (GEJ) provide to farmers who live on the post mine-field in Battambang Province, Cambodia for them to become independent has started.
This year, 3 villages of Phnom Khpos, Otakon and Ou Tanhean participate as new target, and other 2 villages of Korsvay and Boursankrea receives the follow up training.
The Home Gardening Training is well accepted by the farmers there as they can get into the activities and it can be one of their daily foods. If the quality of the vegetable is marketable and the yield is more than their consumption, they can bring them to the market for their income also.

On both days of May 26 and 27, the farmers at villages of Otakon, Phnom Khpos, Ou Tanhean and Korsvay have received the trainings by Instructors of Provincial Department of Agriculture, Battambang Province (PDA) which is a counter partner of GEJ.

GEJ hope farmers will grow many and good vegetables which can be marketable.

1. Otakon village, Group 1
27 farmers were trained for how to prepare the organic fertilizer and the natural insecticide.
The natural insecticide is prepared by the effective plants grown in the village, chopped in to small and boiled with 3 litter of water. The chopped plants boiled till the stock become a litter.
It will be used to spray the vegetables after diluted 18 times by water.

Lecture before the practice                Prepare the organic fertilizer with
                                  wasted Pineapple

Insecticide: Collect the effective plants         Insecticide: Chop them into small

Insecticide: Boil plants well                 Insecticide: Boil the stock to become a litter

2. Otakon village, Group 2

29 farmers received the instruction
of how to plant

3. Ou Tanhean village

41 farmers had a lecture on how to
prepare organic fertilizer and
natural insecticide first

4. Phnom Khpos village

21 farmers been instructed how to
prepare the organic fertilizer

5. Korsvay village

26 farmers reviewed how to
prepare the organic fertilizer