Activity Report

The second Pond has been completed at Bosampor village

Jun 1, 2017

The construction work of the second Good Earth Japan (GEJ) Pond with the size of 30m width x 60m length x 4m depth at Bosampor village which is the 31st Pond in Battambang Province, had been in its final stage to complete before the full rainy season to come, and it is almost completed now.

Although the village is located at the southern part of Kamping Puoy manmade lake but it is not enjoying the benefit from it and been having difficulties of water supply.
GEJ constructed a Pond at there last year but because the village is widely spread and big population, it has been requested to have the other one strongly.

The second one was constructed at about 2.5 Km in distance from the first one but villagers are quite happy for the improvement.

The construction work was carried out by Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC) under the supervision of Provincial Department of Rural Development of Battambang Province.

May 4: Just after the work started            May 12: Under the construction

                         May 23: Almost completed

For your information: This kind of work for carrying
water in long distance could be reduced