Activity Report

I am proud of that I was appointed as the model farmer.

Jun 12, 2017

As reported on May 15 on this website, 2 villages of Andoung Neang and Anlongsvay among 21 villages in Battambang Province in Cambodia where Good Earth Japan (GEJ) support not been offered the real support for these 7 years.
For those 2 villages, GEJ started to carry out the Chicken raise training which is one of the Agriculture training in conjunction with Provincial Department of Agriculture, Battambang (PDA) from this budget term.

To make farmers understand better and keep their interest, it is decided to have Mr. Pheach Lean who lives in Andoung Neang village since year 2011 as the model farmer for this training in this village which 32 farmers participate.

He has been raising chickens in his own way and lost many chicken by diseases before. Since he started to participate the lectures and practices, he has realized his way might be wrong and strongly appealed to continue to receive the sessions.
Therefore, considering his eagerness and agreement of PDA and other participants, GEJ decided him to be the model farmer of this village for the training and presented 20 chicks to him with the hope of villagers.
From now on, his henhouse shall be the place of practical training of how to prepare the best henhouse to prevent chickens from foreign enemy and cruel weather, how to prepare and give good feed, how to give vaccination and other training related to chicken raise accordingly with the growth of chicks.

Mr. Pheach Lean said; Thank you for giving me a chance to challenge. I shall do my best.

Mr. Pheach Lean                       Handed chicks in front of other participants

Chicks were put in the cage

The old henhouse of Mr. Pheach                   Nest for laying eggs


House of Mr. Pheach