Activity Report

Now, can avoid the walk in the water

Jun 15, 2017

As you may know, in Cambodia, it has very severe weather like in rainy season with flooding and in dry season with drought so often. The villages in Battambang Province where Good Earth Japan (GEJ) support farmers who live on the post landmine field to become independent also have been affected such disasters frequently.
Due to the flooding by small canal along side of the Prey Preal GEJ Primary School in Prey Preal village, the school ground and access path have covered by the water often too.
Although some improvement was made on the canal stream, because of the poor drainage, even with the small rain causes those places covered with water still. As a result, school children were having difficulty for accessing to school building so often too.
Therefore, there was a strong request of assistance to fill up the ground and access path from school master to GEJ from some time ago.

Recently, they had a budget from Government for the cost of filling up which could cover only 15 % of the area, then GEJ decided to bear the cost of the rest of area, and the filling up work was started under supervision of Battambang Provincial Department of Rural Development (PDRD).

School children and teachers are happy with this improvement and thank GEJ.

Russairo Kiesel primary school was the same situation and the filling up work on the ground and access path was done in September last year.

The flood around the gate                  The ground and path were under the water

Under supervision by PDRD, the survey and filling work were carried out

The filling up was completed in early June