Activity Report

The opportunity of introducing GEJ’s activities was given

Jun 26, 2017

The lecture of introducing the background and support activities of Good Earth Japan (GEJ) for farmers who live on post landmine field in Cambodia have taken place to the members of Toukatsu Business Kyogikai(TBK) at the meeting room of Garden Hotel, Kashiwa-no-ha Campus, Kashiwa City in Chiba Prefecture on June 20.

TBK is a self governing body and was established in 2001 for the purposes of establishing the relationship, interchanging the information, business corporation among member companies and to contribute local community.
Currently, it has member companies of over 60.
This time, thanks to the intermediary of Mr. Ohguro of Ohguro Diesel Ltd. who is the member company of GEJ as well as TBK, the lecture was realized.

At the meeting , the brochure of introducing GEJ’s activities were delivered to the audience and the presentation of introducing the GEJ’ activities was carried out by using of Power point and video for about 50 minutes and the audience listened earnestly.
Furthermore, the donation from TBK was handed over to GEJ at the meeting too.

Thank you members of TBK!

It was 16th regular meeting               The head organizer Mr. Kodama introduced GEJ

The lecture by Secretary-general of GEJ       Audience listened earnestly

The donation was handed over to GEJ