Activity Report

Home Vegetable Gardening Training is on schedule

Jul 3, 2017

The Home Vegetable Gardening Training which is one of the Agriculture Training Program, Good Earth Japan (GEJ) extend the support to farmers who live on the post mine-field in Battambang Province, Cambodia for them to become independent is on the schedule.
The training program was studied and put into practice in conjunction with the Provincial Department of Agriculture (PDA) which is the counter partner of GEJ in Cambodia.

Farmers were assembled at the model farm of each village and received the inspection of growth of vegetables and insects by instructor of PDA. Instruction to prevent vegetables from disease was given also.
Furthermore, planting, watering and giving fertilizer were practiced. Although they are called farmer, some are inexperienced and the most of them work with their own way of farming.
As the training is very effective for their improvement, farmers listen very attentive and practice accordingly.

Korsvay village

Lecture at the meeting place               Instruction at the field of Model farm

As the ground was too dry, insect attacked       The idea of how to prepare natural insecticide
                                    was given

Otakon village, Group 1

Instruction of how to plant was given and practiced

Phnom Khpos village

Started with the lecture too

The garden of one of farmer attend the training    Inside of the fence to prevent shoots from