Activity Report

Will raise them without fail!

Jul 4, 2017

Chicken raise training and its follow up training were completed at the end of June, and the chicks for practicing the instructions were delivered.
The Chicken raise training is the one of Agriculture Training Program which Good Earth Japan (GEJ) provide to farmers who live on the post mine-field in Battambang Province, Cambodia for them to become independent in conjunction with Provincial Department of Agriculture (PDA) of Battambang.

For about 3 months since early April, 12 sessions for 7 newly participated villages and 9 sessions for 2 villages attended the follow up training were conducted during the period, and the chicks were handed to farmers at time of the final training in June.
Although it was the intense training for lecture and practice, there were a little drop out farmers and is expected the good result for raising the chickens.
10 chicks for newly participated farmers and 8 chicks for others were handed over.
Everybody was very eager to raise them successfully and increase the numbers for getting eggs and meats for their own consumption, and to get cash through selling them in the market.

In addition to the above, GEJ and PDA have organized to bring farmers to the successful farmer of raising chicken at suburb of Battambang City to encourage the motivation and confidence of them.

Delivering Chicks

With attendance of the vice department head of PDA, Mr. Mony, the chicks were handed over after the final lecture.

  Andoung Neang Village

The final lecture by Mr. Mony of PDA         The group photo

  Bung sangke village

Final instruction too                    Some farmers were out of this photo

  Prahop village

Exchanging opinions about training with Mr. Sambath of GEJ. After the meeting, chicks were handed over.

  Otakon village Group 1 and 2

After the instruction, the chicks were delivered individually

Visit of successful farmer with chicken raise

On June 29 and 30, 2 groups of 148 farmers from 5 villages who attended the training have visited the chicken farm of Mr. Mab at the suburb of Battambang city for the objective training and observation of the facilities.
Mr. Mab started to raise only 10 chicken and became such successful chicken farm like now. He commented it is very essential to keep chicken cage clean and tidy always beside the work to prevent chickens from the decease, good feeding and watering.
Some of farmers declared that they will become like Mr. Mab with their strong effort.

Disinfection before entering the chicken farm     Gazing on inside of the chicken cage

Cage was very clean and in order             Oh, it is huge and clean!

The comments of Mr. Mab was very interested and useful       Large hatching facility of eggs