Activity Report

Here too, repair work of the road was carried out.

Jul 11, 2017

At the end of June, the road between villages of Andok Dammuoy and Kokchou in Battambang Province, Kingdom of Cambodia which was constructed by Japanese Government fund with the involvement of Good Earth Japan (GEJ) in 2012 had the roughness, holes and small damages of its shoulder. Farmers of both villages have worked hard for repairing those damages.

As those farmers had been trained for the repair method by Provincial Department of Rural Development (PDRD) and had received the tools for repair work from GEJ in the past, they have repaired damages efficiently by themselves this time too.

Around this time of the before rainy season come in full –fledged, for avoiding the damages become bigger, such work of small repairs were carried out as for the road maintenance here and there.

Japan aid road                        Shoulder was collapsed

Had holes

Carry the Laterite supplied by GEJ            Spread Laterite and compact

Already quite skilled                     Slope of shoulder was also repaired

The work was completed                Branches of tree were placed for the sign of work