Activity Report

Messages from trainees of Chicken raise Training

Jul 18, 2017

Have received some messages from farmers who attended the Chicken raise training which is the one of Agriculture Training Program of Good Earth Japan (GEJ) provide to farmers who live on the post mine-field in Battambang Province, Cambodia for them to become independent in conjunction with Provincial Department of Agriculture (PDA) of Battambang.

They had bitter experiences of losing many of their chickens with disease before.
However, from the sessions they have learnt and practiced not only how to cope with chicken disease but many other things for raising healthy and marketable chickens also.
GEJ support farmers who live on the post landmine field to become independent through like this agriculture training, improving living environment, and improvement of infrastructure.

Mr. Noav Nem, Bung sangke village

My name Noav Nem living at Boeng Sangkae village since 2005, This is the first time for me to participated chicken raising training, I used to raising chicken with out method, never successful every year effect to the chicken disease no treatment no vaccine, when the chicken disease most of my chickens died, through the training trainer teach how to raising chicken to be success:
- Make the chicken house if farmers available
- Chicken house shall be high from the ground at least 1m make shelf for chicken sleep
- Provide enough water and vitamin energy food
- Protection before chicken disease such as eye-drop, injection of cholera
During training step by step and practiced my chicken is OK no one disease yet, I have 60 chicken now. I hope this year will success for chicken raising.
Thank to GEJ/PDA for supporting Boeng Sangkae village and next training farmers want mushroom cultivation

Ms. Arl Touch, Otakon village

My name Arl Touch living in Otakong village since 2005, I used to participate all training such as Rice, Mushroom, Home garden and chicken raising.
I used to raising as traditional but the chicken effect the disease when disease coming no solution most chicken are died.
But from last year after training understand the way how to protect, protect disease of the chicken is very important, because chicken contagious disease very quick and die.
Now I have about 200 chicken at my house for selling and food. The cost of the chicken $3/Kg, average one chicken 1.5Kg -1.8Kg.
This year Chicken follow up, today happy to received 8 Chick from GEJ. Thanks to GEJ for supporting Otakong village.
In my village received 2 ponds, one line laterite road and this year one line of earth road.

Mr. Po Pich, Prahop village

My name Po Pich living at Probherb since 1998, I used to participated the training with GEJ such as: Rice cultivation, Mushroom cultivation, Home garden cultivation and chicken raising. About the chicken raising before and after training 2 way different:
- Risky raising some year success some year fail, when chicken disease no solution wait until
chicken died.
- After training have the solution when chicken disease.
Last year after training, I follow the method my chicken are OK. I have 200 chicken at my house now, this year follow up more understand how to protect the chicken before disease coming.