Activity Report

Growing well but it must be prepared always

Jul 21, 2017

On both days of July 11 and 12, the Home Vegetable Gardening Training had been conducted to the farmers in Battambang Province, the Kingdom of Cambodia where Good Earth Japan (GEJ) extend the support to villagers who live on the post landmine field for them to become independent.
The Home Vegetable Gardening Training is the one of the important Agriculture Training beside of other training of Rice Cultivation, Mushroom cultivation and Chicken raise etc. which GEJ provide in conjunction with Provincial Department of Agriculture (PDA), Battambang to farmers.
This time, the farmers together with the instructors of PDA visited the model farm of each village and inspected the vegetables.

Although the vegetables were growing well, it was evident that the insects were starting to harm them. Therefore, instructors gave a special instruction of how to cope with such problem.


Korsvay village

Start with the lecture                    Checking the insects and disease

Infected with larvae

Instantly, the Pineapple base Butterfly traps were prepared and hanged around

Ou Tanhean village

Question and answer with the instructor of PDA

The poor sprouts have to be replaced with good ones

Boursankrea village

Listening earnestly                     Proceeding the inspection

Otakon village

Instruction of how to make ridges            Observing the spray of insecticide

Phnom Khpos village

Waiting arrival of others                   Inspection by the instructor of PDA