Activity Report

Wow, fantastic! We do our best too. Home Vegetable Gardening training

Jul 31, 2017

On Sunday July 23, 105 farmers from villages of Phnom Khpos, Otakon and Ou Tanhean in Battambang Province, northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia who participated the Home Vegetable Gardening Training provided by Good Earth Japan (GEJ) and Provincial Department of Agriculture (PDA) have visited a successful vegetable farmer at suburbs of Battambang city.

The successful farmer Mr. Nob Nol started to grow vegetables only with 12 meter x 12 meter land and he became a owner of the large vegetable farm of having 5,000 square meter farmland and continue to harvest vegetables 7 to 8 times per year and ship them to the market.
According to him, the control of soil, quality seed (For dry and rainy seasons) and give the optimum fertilizer and water are essential to have good vegetables. These days, he monitors the market prices and competitiveness for his vegetables.
Farmers were overwhelmed by the size of farming but after listening Mr. Nob’s tale of hard times and getting the knowhow of growing vegetable from him, they were put assured that they can be like Mr. Nob in the future.

The scheduled Home Vegetable Gardening training for 7 villages in Battambang Province which GEJ and PDA provide within this term is almost completed with this event for 3 villages.

GEJ support farmers who live on the post landmine field to become independent through like this agriculture training, improving living environment, and improvement of infrastructure.

Surprised with the scale                  Waiting the instruction at the good view point

Mr. Nob Nol, successful person              Listening eagerly

Seedbeds covered with net                 Removing weeds

Group photo (Could not include the all)