Activity Report

Let’s make our dreams come true! Challenging Mushroom Spawn production.

Aug 1, 2017

The challenge to produce the Mushroom Spawn have started at the corner of premises of Provincial Department of Agriculture (PDA) in Battambang City, the Kingdom of Cambodia.
PDA is one of partners of Good Earth Japan (GEJ) for supporting farmers at there, and had the intension of producing Mushroom Spawn by themselves for years.

GEJ support farmers who live on the post landmine field for the improvement of their life and for them to become independent. The large part of the support activities is the Agriculture training including Rice cultivation, Chicken raise, Home vegetable gardening and Mushroom cultivation which are very much related to their daily life.
The Mushroom cultivation training had started in 2008 and many farmers participated the training already, and some of them have captured the knowhow of cultivating the Mushroom and can ship their product to the market for earning the petty cash.

However, to achieve the success with Mushroom cultivation, beside of having good Mushroom bed and the good maintenance etc., it is essential to have quality Mushroom Spawn.
During past trainings, as it was very difficult to get the quality Spawn within the Province, PDA had to purchase the Spawn from the manufacture of outside of the Province and had distributed them to farmers participated. Consequently, it was extremely difficult for individual farmer to get the quality Spawn by himself in the market.
Therefore, PDA decided to have own facility of producing quality Spawn by themselves for better result of the Mushroom cultivation training and to strengthen the support for farmers to become independent some time ago and had been asking GEJ to cooperate with them for the plan.

GEJ have considered their request very deeply and decided to help the initial cost for preparing the facility from the budget in this term. Meanwhile, GEJ completed its 10th anniversary of supporting farmers there in this March. Then this project of Mushroom Prawn production became the memorial co-work for both GEJ and PDA.

A part of premises of PDA in Battambang City was provided, although there are many issues such as to collect good materials, confirm the function of the inoculation facilities and compile the knowhow etc. to be solved, the construction of the Mushroom Spawn inoculation room was complete recently. As the material and facilities for Mushroom spawning were brought in and staff of the work was employed, the trial of Mushroom Spawn inoculation have been started.
PDA have intention of providing the training course of Mushroom Spawn inoculation to farmers who want to inoculate them themselves in the future too.

GEJ hope the quality and inexpensive Mushroom Spawn shall be provided to farmers who have been supported by GEJ soon.
GEJ support farmers who live on the post landmine field to become independent through the agriculture training, improving living environment, and improvement of infrastructure.

The facility of Mushroom Spawn production

PDA Battambang, Left hand corner should be used   The place for Mushroom Spawn production

The building for inoculation work was completed    Rice straws and bean shells were brought in

Material is chopped and crushed by machines     Overview of the inoculation room

Sterilization box is placed on the table         To prevent the Spawn from polluted,
                                  work is done in the box

Bottles contain the inoculated agar etc. with Spawn   Bottle shelves

Prepared the bags(of straw and bean shell) for
seeding the Mushroom Spawn
Can see the pot for sterilization on the table

For success, Mr. Sovanmony, Deputy Director    Commemorative board for completion
of PDA and Mr. Sambath of GEJ shook hands
with firm grip