Activity Report

Better luck this time! The third attempt of Adlay cultivation

Aug 24, 2017

Following the request of Hakubaku Co., Ltd. who produces the grain food in Japan, the experimental cultivation of Adlay by a famer Mr. Phean in Slappan village, Battambang Province, the Kingdom of Cambodia through Good Earth Japan (GEJ) had started in April 2016.
The first attempt was failed as the fruits was empty due to the severe drought there. At the second attempt, it has gotten 16 kilograms of fruits of Adlay which was less yield than expected for the planted acreage.
Therefore, Hakubaku Co., Ltd. had been studying the cause of the poor crop and have found out that the poor fertilization of the fields and its control might be the cause. Now, Hakubaku Co., Ltd. have decided to start the third attempt with better fertilization of the fields, better seed selection and disinfection.

This time, Provincial Department of Agriculture (PDA) of Battambang Province which is the counter partner of GEJ for the agriculture training to the farmers who live on the post landmine field to become independent and have worked as an advisor of the Adlay cultivation project will also participate the experimental cultivation of Adlay.
The situation of cultivation by PDA shall be informed to Mr. Phean and it shall be reflected his method.

GEJ support farmers who live on the post landmine field to become independent through the Agricultural Training including Rice growing, Mushroom cultivation, Chicken raise and home vegetable gardening. GEJ is also challenging to cultivate the Adlay which could be the new income source for farmers there.

・At the farmland of Mr.Phean

At the end of July, the seeds of Adlay and the new
Instruction were handed over to Mr. Phean through
staffs of GEJ and PDA.

5 ridges for directly sowing and 3 ridges for      Filled water and the fertilizer was spreadin

Preparation of the seeds                  Adlay seed sprout

Seeding to ridges                       Preparing the nursery

・At farmlands of PDA

Ready for transplant                     Fertilizer is ready

         The normal and wet farmlands were ready for the experimental cultivation