Activity Report

Will raise them carefully! Chicken Raise Training

Sep 5, 2017

Chicken Raise Training started in April this year for the farmers of Anlongsvay village and Korsvay village have almost completed and the chicks and some feed raise have distributed.
Since it had started, in total 11 times of lectures and practices of the training had been conducted by instructors of Provincial Department of Agriculture, Battambang Province (PDA) and representative of Good Earth Japan (GEJ), and have came to the time to celebrate its completion.

GEJ support farmers who live on the post landmine field to become independent through the agriculture training, improving living environment, and improvement of infrastructure. Chicken Raise Training is one of the most important trainings among other trainings like Rice growing, Mushroom cultivation and home vegetable gardening.

・Anlongsvay village, August 29 27 farmers attended
This village is located the foot of a small mountains near to the man-made lake called Kamping Puoy which was built at the time of Pol Pot regime in Battambang Province.
GEJ started to support farmers of this village in year 2007. However, it had not been offered the real support to this village for these 7 years. GEJ deeply studied the request by the village to come back to support, and have decided to resume by this training.

Mr. Sovanmony, Deputy Director of PDA handed over Chicks  5 chicks each have distributed

I am Man La living this village since 1999. It was the first time for me to participate the training by PDA and GEJ. Have been raising chickens with own ideas from some time ago and have failed many time by losing them by disease etc. Now, I found the correct way to raise chicken through the training. Hoping to be successful in chicken raise with 25 chickens including chicks given through the training, and could gain the petty cash by selling them. Thank you for the support to
                                  Anlongsvay village.

・Korsvay village, August 31 31 farmers attended
This village is located at the north west corner of Ratanakkmondol District, Battambang Province, and one of the distant village from Battambang City among 21 villages of which GEJ supports.
Today, the celebration of the completion of the training has held here too.

                             The Chicks given shall be brought to home carefully