Activity Report

Ended in great success with good weather

Nov 14, 2017

Good Earth Japan (GEJ) have participated in the Festival of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. which was held at their Tsuchiura Factory in Ibaragi Prefecture on November 12, Sunday for promoting the activities and asking support.

Welcomed by REY-kun of Kashiwa Reysol       Overview of GEJ’s booth
soccer team    

It was a very rare opportunity to come inside the factory and to touch the real Construction Machinery together with the variety of events for children etc., the Festival was very successful with about 6,000 visitors of local residents and others.
There were so many visitors dropped in to GEJ’s booth and listened the explanation of the GEJ’s activities in Cambodia with the photo panels, and donated to support people there.

Thank you who donated and promised the support.
The donation shall be utilized for the GEJ’s activities of supporting farmers who live on the post minefield in the Kingdom of Cambodia to become independent through agriculture training, improving living environment, and improvement of infrastructure.

GEJ’s Representative Director Mr. Fujii (left)     Thank you for your donation
visited for encouragement           

Thank for your donation                  Interested in the replicas of landmine too

Be careful!                          Listened the explanation carefully

Thank you for waiting the Cambodian coffee     Interview of Participants introduction

Corner to experience the different culture. Asked donation to support Cambodian farmers at the entrance.

Queues at the exhibition corner             Play at the main stage