Activity Report

Improving the quality of Mushroom Spawn is in progress

Nov 21, 2017

The major part of the supporting program for farmers who live on the post mine field at Battambang Province, the Kingdom of Cambodia by Good Earth Japan (GEJ) for them to become independent is the agricultural trainings such as Rice cultivation, Chicken raise, Home vegetable gardening and Mushroom cultivation.
Mushroom cultivation training is the most popular program for the farmers among them as they can get petty cash by selling mushrooms at the market easier than others.

It is very important to get the quality mushroom spawn to succeed the cultivation.
As informed in the article of GEJ’s activities dated August 1, Provincial Department of Agriculture, (PDA), Battambang province had decided and started to produce the quality mushroom spawn with reasonable price for farmers who attend GEJ’s Mushroom cultivation training and others in conjunction with GEJ.

The germination tests have been taken place at the model farm of mushroom cultivation training several times since then.
However, PDA found the result of the test was not satisfactory with about 80% germination ratio comparing to the one of the spores purchased from another province in the past at the time of October so far.
Therefore, PDA is accelerating their improvement work as the season of harvesting the rice of which straws shall be used for the mushroom cultivation will come soon and the training will start also. The rice straw is used for the spore bedding.

GEJ hope the quality and inexpensive Mushroom Spawn shall be provided to farmers who have been supported by GEJ soon.

Facility of mushroom spawn production         Contacting spores to the culture media

Spore bags to be delivered to model farms for test

The germination tests. The tests have been carrying out at the model farms repeatedly

The germination tests. The improvement is required