Activity Report

Latest report on the third attempt of Adlay cultivation

Nov 27, 2017

Further to the second report dated October 13, the new report has reached with the recent situation of the experimental cultivation of Adlay by Good Earth Japan (GEJ) which is conducting at Battambang Province, the kingdom of Cambodia.
This time, the report suggested that Adlay has been growing well comparing to the ones of the last attempt by means of improvement on the selection of seeds, fertilizing and watering.

Although there were time difference of sowing between the field of Mr. Phean in Slappan village and the one of Provincial Department of Agriculture (PDA), the thickness and height of the stems of Adlay are bigger and higher, and they are having many fruits at both fields.
It is required to wait another couple of weeks for finding the exact result of cultivation. There will be some improvement on the yield but it is still unpredictable whether it achieves the expected amount of yield or not.

This experimental cultivation had been requested by Hakubaku Co., Ltd. who produces the grain food in Japan. Farmer Mr. Phean in Slappan village had tried to cultivate Adlay twice since April 2016 upon request of GEJ but the results were less than the expectation. This time, PDA have joined for the experimental cultivation also.

GEJ support farmers who live on the post minefield to become independent through agriculture training, improving living environment, and improvement of infrastructure.

Field of Mr. Phean in Slappan village

The height of Adlay became higher and could find many fruits

Fruits are turning color

Field of PDA

Thickness and height of the stems of Adlay are bigger. Looks very healthy.

Having many fruits