Activity Report

Harvested the Adlay       Experimental cultivation

Jan 15, 2018

Third attempt of the Adlay cultivation with various improvements have finished and have been waiting the verification of the result.
The good selection of seeds, better fertilizing and watering had applied by Mr. Phean in Slappan village in Battambang Province, the Kingdom of Cambodia who had been asked for the experimental cultivation of Adlay at his field since year before last year. It has resulted the stronger and healthy stems and leaves of Adlay and they were harvested in December, last year.
Beside of Mr. Phean’s trial, at the field of Provincial Department of Agriculture (PDA) in Battambang who participated this experimental cultivation this time, the Adlay also had been growing. The Adlay have been harvested in January, this year, and it has showed the better yield than one of Mr. Phean.

All the figures and other information concerning the cultivation have been reported to Messrs. Hakubaku co., Ltd. who produces the grain food in Japan and had requested GEJ to perform the experimental cultivation together with farmers in Cambodia. They will study the all the facts and lead to the conclusion of whether it will be feasible to start the Adlay cultivation there regularly or not soon.

・Mr. Phean’s cultivation

Mr. Phean looks his Adla               Measuring the fruits per stem w/ Mr. Mony of PDA

Sorting good and bad fruit with his wife          Harvested about 5Kgs of good fruit of Adlay

・PDA’s cultivation

November, last year                     Confirming the height of Adlay

Measuring the fruits per stem               Harvested about 6.5Kgs of good fruit of Adlay

GEJ support farmers who live on the post landmine field to become independent through the Agricultural Training including Rice growing, Mushroom cultivation, Chicken raise and home vegetable gardening apart from the infrastructure improvement. GEJ is also challenging to cultivate the Adlay which could be the new income source for farmers there.