Activity Report

Road repair training were carried out Road maintenance

Feb 13, 2018

With the activities report dated January 25, the road maintenance works by farmers of three villages at Battambang Province, northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia had been reported.
Those villagers had implemented the repair works a couple of times under supervision of Good Earth Japan (GEJ) before and they could perform it by themselves.

This time, in early February, farmers of other three villages of Chirok, Bosampor and Boursankrea where the Laterite pavement road were built in 2017 by the support of GEJ have received the training of how to repair the damages on roads.
A staff of GEJ explained the importance of the damages repaired in early stage and procedure of repair work in details first, and the actual repair works through steps were carried out using the tools of repair at damages on the other roads.

GEJ support farmers not only by constructing the roads but instruct them how to repair the small damages by themselves.

Chirok village

Explained the importance of repair and how to    Practiced with the damage on other road
                                 along side of GEJ road

Trained the procedure in order             Now we can repair the damages on
                                 GEJ road by ourselves!

Bosampor village

Practiced with damage on GEJ road built in year 2016 Worry about working with sandals. Be safe!

Harden the Laterite filled by tamping and watering

Placed the branches of tree
as the sign of repaired part

Boursankrea village

In front of family members, dig out the damage on the other road than GEJ road. Learn well the procedures!

Working in cooperation with neighbors

The tools should be cleaned and put in order for storage

GEJ support farmers who live on the post-minefield to become independent through agriculture training, improving living environment, and also improvement of infrastructure. Beside, GEJ is instructing farmers to do such road maintenance by themselves in cooperation with neighbors as these are their properties and need to be used forever for their life.