Activity Report

Many farmers and children are waiting for the supports

Feb 16, 2018

Good Earth Japan (GEJ) support farmers who live in the post landmine field in Battambang Province, northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia for improvement of their life and for them to become independent.
Although some improvement on their life is recognized since GEJ had started to support them by building primary schools, improving roads, constructing agricultural ponds and providing the agricultural trainings etc., there are many things need to be done still.

GEJ is under study and preparation of the budget proposal with concrete activity plan for the next term of year which start this April together with local staff and counter partners there to be submitted and to be verified by board of directors in March.
As GEJ cover 21 villages, 4,400 household with population of 19,900 in the area, it is very difficult to cope with the all of requests on support from farmers due to very limited fund. Therefore, the deep study and survey on the requests for utilizing the limited fund effectively at most is under way.

Following is some of the requests of support apart from the agriculture trainings GEJ received and under consideration.

Otakon village: 157 household
Primary school : As we have no primary school in our village, 158 children commute to schools
           in other villages separately. 100 of them are forced to commute about 3 kilometer
          distance one way for their study every day. It is very hard for them when it is rain
           Beside of the school, we would like to have our village road improved also but if the
           fund is not enough, we would like to ask GEJ to put priority on the school.

Gathering for pleading construction of Primary school

                        Please! We wish to have our school here.

Korsvay village: 107 household
Improving the village road: As you can see in the picture, it can manage to pass in dry season
                  but it is almost impossible to pass it in rainy season.
                  We would like to have the our farm road with drainage.

Impossible to pass it in rainy season

Andoung Neang village: 204 house hold
Make water pond: The existing 10m x 20m x 1m pond is far enough from the consumption
             of villagers for living and farming.
            We would like to have a bigger pond.

It shall be dried up completely in dry season