Activity Report

Let’s start the preparation      Mushroom cultivation training

Mar 12, 2018

Under the very strong sunshine in the dry season at villages of Battambang Province northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia, farmers gathered at their assembly hall and/or at the shade of the tree.
On March 6, the first follow up and the trainings of Mushroom cultivation training which are planned for year 2018 by Good Earth Japan (GEJ) have been taken place.
The Mushroom cultivation training is one of the series of agriculture trainings which GEJ provide for farmers who live in the area of post landmine field to become independent economically.

This time of year, after harvested rice, the Rice straws are tending to be burnt as for the fertilizer in the area. The Rice straws are essential for thriving bed of Mushrooms. Therefore, farmers were taught to save and secure them for Mushroom cultivation.
Furthermore, during the sessions, the instructors of Provincial Department of Agriculture of Battambang Province (Counter partner of GEJ,PDA) and a representative of GEJ in Cambodia instructed the outline of how to prepare the Mushroom cultivation to begin with.

If farmers grow Mushrooms in good quality, they can sell them at the market, and can earn the petty cash. Therefore, this training is very favorable to farmers among the series of agriculture trainings GEJ provide, and naturally, farmers are very keen to study.

At Boeng Sangke village,

Marked the location of Vinyl house at the farm land of the selected model farmer together

At Andoung Neang village,

At the shade of tree, listening the instruction

At Anlongsvay village,

At assembly hall, the instruction by PDA staff was given

At Dangkok Thnong village,

The follow up sessions were explained