Activity Report

Practicing with neighbors      Mushroom Cultivation Training

Mar 19, 2018

After the first session of March 6, the practical training of producing Mushroom bed and compost have been taken place at each villages.
Following the instruction at the previous session by staffs of Provincial Department of Agriculture (PDA) and Good Earth Japan (GEJ), farmers had secured enough Rice straws which are essential for Mushroom cultivation.

Rice straws were soaked in water and were soften by stamping by feet, and they were shaped like straw bags to be placed as mushroom bed for the outdoor growing.
The compost prepared consisted of Rice Straws and Shells of Beans, and the water solution of Coconut Sugar, Urea and Lime. The compost shall be spread on the Mushroom bed together with Mushroom spawn.

Two villages of Andoung Neang and Anlongsvay among them had been supported by GEJ since 2007, but not been offered the real support for these 7 years.
Both villages and Bung Sangke village which was newly added in 2017 for the support have started to receive the Chicken raise training from last year.
Please refer to the article “Thank you for coming back to us!” dated May 15, 2017.
Thank you for coming back to us!

Farmers attended were very keen to learn the method and have practiced very hard for them to become successor in future.

GEJ support farmers who live on the post landmine field in the Kingdom of Cambodia to become independent through the agriculture training, improving living environment, and improvement of infrastructure. Mushroom Cultivation Training is one of the most important trainings among other trainings like Rice growing, Chicken raise and home vegetable gardening.

At Boeng Sangke village,

Can see the framework of vinyl house. But training of outdoor growing was done to start with.

At Andoung Neang village,

                Trainees watched to how to prepare the Straw bags very carefully   

At Anlongsvay village,

               Soften the Rice straws tamping with feet. Who is next?

At Dangkok Thnong village,

PDA instructor showed how to, in front of trainees at first