Activity Report

Our dream will come true!    Okun chraun!(Thank you very much!)

Mar 26, 2018

The village meeting place at Otakon village, Battambang Province, north west of the Kingdom of Cambodia where Good Earth Japan (GEJ) support farmers and their family who live on the post mine field has been filled with the voice of joy.
Even the village has over 160 school-age children, there is no Primary school in there. Then, children are forced to commute to schools in other villages nearby diversified. In case of the nearest school at Russairo village is located about 3 kilometer distance. It is very hard for children especially under the very hot sun and/or heavy rain.

The request of building the Primary school to local government office had been sent several times but it was not realized.
Therefore, the village had been requesting it to GEJ since three years ago.
GEJ have been working out with other NPO for the possibility of joint work, and also have looked for the Sponsor to build the Primary school but they were not realized.
After the deep consideration, GEJ suggested to the board of directors to build it with own fund, and it was accepted as one of the major activities in term of 2018 finally.

The decision has been brought to Cambodia and announced to children with villagers recently. The school construction shall be commenced soon and shall be completed by the end of August this year. GEJ is happy to see the smiles on face of children.

Okun chraun! (Thank you very much) for supporters of GEJ

Children are expressing their thanks

At the time of the announcement at village meeting place

               Broke out into cheers immediately after the announcement

GEJ support farmers who live on the post landmine field to become independent through the agriculture training, improving living environment, and improvement of infrastructure.