Activity Report

Now, it’s time to plant actually Mushroom cultivation training

Apr 3, 2018

Almost 3 weeks has passed since Mushroom cultivation training which is one of the support programs of Good Earth Japan (GEJ) for farmers who live on post landmine field in northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia started.
During the time, farmers have learnt how to prepare the Spawn beds with Rice straws for both of in field and in vinyl house cultivation methods, and how to make the compost which consist of Rice Straws and Shells of Beans, and the water solution of Coconut Sugar, Urea and Lime by lectures and practices.
Now, it’s time to plant and grow the mushrooms.
Farmers were taught that in case of in Vinyl house cultivation method, it is necessary to fumigate the Spawn beds with steam produced by boiling water in Drum for killing various kinds of bacteria before plant Mushroom Spawn.

This time, the quality Mushroom spawns produced at Mushroom Spawn production facility at Provincial Department of Agriculture (PDA) in Battambang City have been supplied to farmers. The production facility had been completed in August last year and various improvements on the quality had been done since them, and the targeted quality has been achieved recently. (For the details of Mushroom Spawn improvement, please refer to the article of Accelerating the improvement        Mushroom Spawn production dated December 18, 2017.)
Accelerating the improvement

Farmers who attended the training are full of hope for their success of Mushroom cultivation.

At Andoung Neang village,

Started with lecture in the shade of tree        Prepare the Spawn beds by Rice Straw

Spread the Spawn beds on the shelves         Spread the Mushroom Spawn with compost

Control of temperature and humidity is essential   With full of hope for success

Frames to make straw bags                Under the strong sun, busy for making
                                  Straw bags

Straw bags were laid over and stamped as for the beds    Covered with Straws after Spawn and
                                        compost were spread
One of trainee who attended said;

I am Vok Ly, 46 years sold.
Stated to live in this village in 2005.
Although GEJ provided the chance for
the Chicken raise training in last year,
I could not attend it. But I will join
the follow up training of it in this year.
For the Mushroom cultivation training,
I have attended two courses already but
my understanding may be not in full,
I think. However, I will do my best to
succeed the cultivation.
Thank you for giving me such opportunity
to receive the training.

At Anlongsvay village,

After spreading the Spawn beds on shelves, fumigation have been carried out with steam.

Large Straw bags to use Spawn beds          Farmers were very serious for the training

Practical training under the instruction of PDA staff.
(Farmers were Practicing and observing.)

At Dangkok Thnong village,

Spreading the Spawn and compost on small trays with Spawn beds  Spreading Spawn and
                                            compost on to Spawn beds

Really, it looks like hands made vinyl house.
Now good control of temperature and humidity is important.
Can make it well?