Activity Report

Let’s increase the number of Chickens Chicken raise training

Apr 10, 2018

The first session of Chicken raise follow up training for farmers at villages in Battambang Province, northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia has been taken place here and there.
The Chicken raise training is one of Agriculture trainings organized and provided by Good Earth Japan (GEJ) for the farmers who live on the post mine field for them to become independent.
For starting the follow up training, reviewing the methods of the last trainings and discussion for improvement of the contents etc. have been held among farmers, GEJ staff and the staffs of Battambang Provincial Department of Agriculture, counter partner of GEJ.

GEJ support farmers through the agriculture training, improving living environment, and improvement of infrastructure. Chicken Raise Training is one of the most important trainings among other trainings like Rice growing, Mushroom cultivation and home vegetable gardening.

At Andoung Neang Village,

Gathering in the shade of tree. There were farmers who were taking notes of the instructions.

At Anlongsvay Village,

                    Here too! Some framers were taking notes.

At Boeng Sangke Village,

The village increased the number of chickens
about 60% and the average income by
selling chickens was the top among
participated villages last year.
(As there was the different gathering in the
village, not many farmers attended today.)

At Bosampor Village,

The village increased the number of chickens
about 50% and the average income by
selling chickens was thesecond among
participated villages last year.
Farmers were very eager for increasing the
numbers more than the last year.

At Bosampor village No.2,
(Bosampor village was divided into two. The one was named Boeng Krasal village now. )

                       Children also attended?

At Chirok village,

PDA staff was very flexible of using the available materials for the training.

At Korsvay village,

Heated up for the discussion.

At Boursangkreach village, (Divided in to two groups.)
<Group 1>

                 Questioning by rising hand for the explanation.

<Group 2>

                    Gathering at the Primary school