Activity Report

The weather has improved     Kasumigaura Marathon

Apr 18, 2018

April 15, Sunday, the day of The 28th Kasumigaura Marathon and International blind people Marathon which was held at Tsuchiura and Kasumigaura Cities, Ibaraki Prefecture has started with bad weather of heavy rain and strong wind.
However, thanks to the improvement of the weather, it has become calm with only light rain before ten o’clock when the Full marathon would start. The condition for the runners was improved greatly.
Although the bad weather, more than 16,500 runners participated for them to complete their run and set a new record.

Good Earth Japan (GEJ) participated to the event setting up a booth for promoting the support activities for the farmers who live on the post minefield in the Kingdom of Cambodia, and for collecting the fund and for inviting to join the support members.
In the beginning, because of the weather condition, there was fear of lesser spectators. But there were many visitors dropped in to GEJ’s booth, and some of them kindly have donated in collection box still.
Thank you for your donation. The donation shall be used effectively.

Crowded Tsuchiura Station              A part of Lake Kasumigaura with thick cloud of rain

Runners waiting for run                  GEJ’s booth (center) was ready for visitors

                    Thank you for your donation

                    Thank you for your donation too

                    Thank you, Child, for the donation in the rain

Mr.Chan, runner from Cambodia run for 5 kilometer with assistant

Thank you for your donation               The Miss. Japan 2018 Grand prix has visited

Runners were running at full               Cheers wildly for the runners

Thank you for the donation, Kids! These donations as well as the membership fee will become fund of GEJ’s activities.