Activity Report

Had inspected condition and experienced the activities in detail

Apr 20, 2018

In this month, Mr. Fujii, Chairman of Good Earth Japan (GEJ) has visited the villages in Battambang Province, northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia where GEJ support farmers who live on the post mine field for them to become independent.
It was his first and a short visit but he had interacted with farmers and children directly, and had interchanged opinions with staffs of GEJ’s counter partners.
Under the very hot climate there, he had inspected the real situation of villages and conditions of infrastructure of there , and recognized the role of support activities and their performance.
The visit was very beneficial for him to consider the future projects in right way.
The following is the brief report with photos of his visit;

Head quarter of Cambodian Mine Action Center (CMAC)
As CMAC is not only acting to remove the mines but also extend the support to farmers living in post mine area which is the same direction of the GEJ, CMAC is the counter partner of GEJ’s activities also.
Mr. Fujii had a meeting with Mr. Heng Ratana, Delegate of the Royal Government in charge as Director General of CMAC for discussing the current and future activity plans of CMAC, and agreed upon to maintain the relationship and strengthen it.
According to Mr. Ratana, it would take up to year 2025 to clear the all landmines in where already confirmed the existence, and the other unknown area shall not in sight yet. He had expressed the sincere thanks for GEJ’s continued contribution to Cambodia during the meeting.
Mr. Fujii replied that the support of GEJ to people should be continued and strong tie of relation with CMAC should be maintained.

Welcomed by Mr. Ratana                     Meeting with Mr.Ratana and his staff

Attended the signing ceremony of construction
works of road and pond etc. for 2018

Handover ceremony of the new Pond at Andoung Neang Village
This pond was constructed with the GEJ’s budget of this year. Thanks to the good weather there, the work had been progressing well and it had completed recently. The handover ceremony was organized in time of Mr.Fujii’s visit.
More than 120 farmers including children were attended and had cerebrated the completion of the pond.
At the same time, an Agricultural Fair was organized bringing the vegetables and others agricultural products from villages where GEJ provide various Agriculture trainings.
Village and Commune chief, and staffs of GEJ’s counter partners like CMAC Battambang branch, Provincial Department of Agriculture (PDA) and Provincial Department of Rural Development (PDRD) attended the ceremony, and Mr. Fujii interacted with them too.
Village and Commune chief declared that the new pond should be the common property of village and would be maintained well by villagers themselves.
Mr. Fujii commented that the pond should be utilized for living and farming forever. Furthermore, he made assure of that those Agriculture trainings like Mushroom cultivation training should improve the life of villagers.

Handover ceremony of the Pond

Ribbon-cutting ceremony                  In front of the new pond

Famous Monks in the district were invited
to play for the safety and prosperity of
villages and people

Agricultural Fair

Started with National anthems               Evaluating the exhibited products

Handing over the prize                    Straw mushrooms brought in by one 
                                 of attendance of Mushroom cultivation training

Primary School construction site in Otakon village
Construction of Primary School at Otakon village is one of major activities of GEJ in 2018.
Although the sudden visit of Mr. Fujii was organized, there were many children and farmers gathered for expressing the thanks for the contribution of the new School.
Building school had been a thirsty for by the village for long time. Therefore, it was their greatest joy.
Mr. Fujii asked to children to shoulder the future of village, district and nation studying very hard at this school.

Together with children in front of building materials

Mine clearing site of CMAC
Experienced the hard work of clearing the mines in the field where the Mine detectors of CMAC were working under very severe working condition of hot and wet.
Mr. Fujii encouraged CMAC field staff that demining work by them is very important and is contribute the development of country greatly.

Instruction of demining work and safety       Experienced the hard work by putting protectors