Activity Report

Considerate instruction for new comers   Rice cultivation training

May 8, 2018

The detailed explanation of policy and the way of Rice cultivation training, and to collect the application for the participation of the training have been carried out for farmers of two villages of Boeng Prei and Peak Sbaek to be supported by Good Earth Japan (GEJ) from this year newly.
50 and 70 farmers each have attended the meeting and applied for the participation. Because of the limited capacity of training classes, those applications should be studied carefully and should be decided who can participate later.
Those villages had been requesting GEJ to conduct the Rice cultivation training for increasing the crops since some time ago. GEJ evaluated the request and its feasibility, and decided to include in the Agriculture training program for this year.
As the meetings were the first time, farmers were tensioned. However, GEJ hoped they would accustom with the way of training soon and the crops would increase accordingly.

GEJ support farmers through the agriculture training, improving living environment, and improvement of infrastructure. Rice cultivation training is one of the most important trainings among other trainings like Chicken raising, Mushroom cultivation and home vegetable gardening.
Boeng Prei village

Explained the policy and the way of Rice cultivation training in detail for farmers understanding

Peak Sbaek village

Many farmers attended and applied for participation but……