Activity Report

Steady activities are starting to bear fruit   Chicken raise training

May 15, 2018

One of the major activities of Good Earth Japan (GEJ) to support farmers who live on post land mine field in the Kingdom of Cambodia for the improvement of their living and for them to become independent is Agriculture trainings.
Not only the restoration work of farm lands and agriculture environment which were devastated during civil war, but trainings of the lost know how on cultivation method of agricultural products for farmers are the very important work for GEJ in conjunction with Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Battambang (PDAFF).
Chicken raise training is the very important Agriculture training as well as other trainings like Rice cultivation, Mushroom cultivation and Vegetable gardening which GEJ provide.

Now, many farmers are studying and practicing hard to become the successor of Chicken farming remaking themselves from the old and own methods, and those efforts are starting to bear small fruit. Although it is very few cases still, a few farmers are mentioning that their living life becoming better.

Recently, GEJ received the messages of thanks from farmers who had started to participate the Chicken raise training in Boeng Sangke village from last year, and would like to share them with you as shown below.

This result was led entirely your kind understanding and support to GEJ’s activities.
Thank you all the members and supporters.

In case of Mr. Nova Nem;

             Mr. Nova Nem and his hands made henhouse
My name Nov Nem living at Boeng Sangke village since year 2005, before coming here living at Takoa province. I used to raising chicken as traditional but chicken disease and died, but since last year after received the method from the training can protect the disease and no died, from last year until today my income from sold the chicken about US$ 890, and chicken balance about 300 more but still young, good time to sell high price is Chinese and Cambodia New Year US$4 to 4.50/Kg, the middle man come at the village to buy the chicken. This year chicken follow up never absent for my participate because very important for my understanding how to raising the chicken. Thanks to GEJ/PDAFF for assist.

         Chickens are free in the field in day time but spend night time in henhouse

In case of Ms. La sanith;

          Ms. La sanith was practicing Vaccine eye drop to her chicks
My name La sanith living at Boeng Sangke village.
Last year participate Chicken raising training and received 10 chick, 3 died balance 7 , 2 female 5 male
1 female produce 12 eggs
2 female produce 15 eggs
Total 27 chick and today bring them for eye drop, since last year until now my income from sold chicken about US$300 and now at my house balance about 100 chicken more but still young, I hope this year later my chicken grow up without disease and get good income.
Thanks to GEJ/PDAFF for assist.