Activity Report

The bridge shall be replaced with the stronger Culvert

May 25, 2018

New bridge at Korsvay village in the area of post mine field in Battambang Province, northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia is under construction. The work is for replacing the existing old bridge which was very old and difficult for farm tractors to pass on it to the concrete made triple culvert.

The bridge is placed on the river in between the Main road and the village, and as it is very old and shaky, the replacement was the strong desire of villagers for some times.
As the need of replacement became very crucial, especially it was very difficult and danger to pass by the shallow part of the river in rainy season instead of passing on the bridge, the village strongly asked to Good Earth of Japan (GEJ) for the support to replace it at the same time of rehabilitation work of the earth road between Main road and the bridge.
GEJ deeply considered the request together with PDRD (Provincial Department of Rural Development) in Battambang Province who is the counter partner of GEJ, and have decided to replace it with fund from this year’s budget.

We can expect smiling faces of farmers and children who use the bridge soon.

Progress of the work up to the middle of May

            Preparation work for concrete basement of the bridge

                  Reinforcement bars works for bridge piers

                  Reinforcement bars works for bridge piers

For your reference:

                        Photos of Old wooden bridge

                   It shall be like above photos when it will complete