Activity Report

Rice cultivation training has started

Jun 4, 2018

As reported in the article of “Considerate instruction for new comers” dated May 8, Good Earth Japan (GEJ) had received so many candidates of participation to Rice cultivation training from two villages of Peak Sbaek and Boeng Prei in the northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia.
As it exceeded the capacity and budget of the trainings, GEJ and Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery (PDAFF) had worked hard to determine the participants for the trainings together.
Considering the strong eagerness of farmers, and PDAFF agreed to share some cost and to dispatch additional instructors, both decided to take 50 and 74 each of farmers from the villages.

Recently, instructors of PDAFF and representative of GEJ have started to conduct the first session of trainings. This time, the instruction of how to select good quality seed rice and how to prepare sowing bed with on hands trainings were given.

Everybody play for increase of quality crops of rice successfully.

Peak Sbaek village

            Instruction by PDAFF staffs. Many participants were taking note

                    Preparation of Compost for sowing bed

Sesame which is the current popular product
by this village had been harvested

Boeng Prei village

The same subjects of training of Peak Sbaek village has been given.
The place was packed by participants.