Activity Report

Let’s practice sowing        Vegetable gardening training

Jun 6, 2018

The Vegetable gardening training for this year had started in late April for 6 villages (First year and follow up trainings ) where post land mine field in Battambang Province, northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia.
At the end of May, Villagers of Chirok and Bosampor were given the instruction of how to sow the seed properly and how to prepare the Organic fertilizer by staffs of Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery (PDAFF) of Battambang Province and GEJ staff.
Although farmers had some knowledge of farming which learnt after the civil war in the country but it was in their own style. Therefore, most of the participants said that they realized the instructions given during the training were new for them and very effective.

GEJ support farmers who live on the post minefield to become independent through agriculture training, improving living environment, and also improvement of infrastructure.

Chirok village (First yea trainingr)

Participants practiced how to sow the Pumpkin seeds at farmland of Model farmer in the village.

Distributed seeds of vegetables including Pumpkin.
All the attendants promised to pay effort to raise them good.
The training shall be up to the end of July.

Bosampor village and its No.2 (Boeng Krasal village separated from Bosampor village)
(Bosampor village, First year training)

Sowed the Egg Plant seeds to nursery         Pumpkin seeds were sown directly

After practices, seeds were given.
Everybody start to cultivate them at their home.

(Boeng Krasal village, first year training)

The instruction of how to prepare the Organic fertilizer form natural plants.  Materials for fertilizer

Again, seed were given after the practices.