Activity Report

Please wait a little while, Children. Otakon village Primary School

Jun 13, 2018

The construction work of New Primary school at Otakon village in Battambang Province, northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia where the post landmine field and Good Earth Japan (GEJ) extend the support become the stage of roofing.
Over 160 school-age children who commute in different Primary Schools at different villages are eagerly waiting the completion of the new school.
The construction work had started in April. The specification of the school meets with the Government directories. Therefore, it is sure of that the application from the village to Education department of Battambang Province for appointing and dispatching school teachers should be accepted without any problems.
Everybody including GEJ is praying for getting excellent teachers soon.

GEJ support farmers living on the post landmine field and at rural area who are receiving the benefit from local government and/or other Non- governmental organization very rarely through the agriculture trainings and improvement of infrastructure for them to become independent.

The gate of school under construction         Over looking school building

Front side of the school building             Rear side of school building