Activity Report

Hands-on training of rice seeds sowing   Rice cultivation training

Jun 18, 2018

In middle of June, at villages of Peak Sbaek and Boeng Prei in Battambang Province, the Kingdom of Cambodia where the post landmine field and the villages Good Earth Japan (GEJ) extend the support , the eighth session of Rice cultivation trainings have been held.

At Boeng Prei village, after practiced good seeds selection for seed rice which had been taught in previous session, the hands-on training of preparing nursery for raising of seedling, and actual sowing have been performed.
According to the farmers who participated the session, it was the first experience for them to practice the sowing with nursery since they had been sowing directly to their rice field before. In addition, they felt that the volume of seed rice used this time was lot less than the direct sowing.

At Peak Sbaek village, due to the delay of preparation of nursery practice, the lecture of how to raise the seedlings by the staff of Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (PDAFF) of Battambang province have been conducted this time.

Boeng Prei village
For your reference:
The practice of how to select the good quality seeds from the last session.

Demonstration by PDAFF staff            Thickness of salt level was measured by row eggs

Put seeds and remove the floated ones        The settled seeds should be washed by water

1. Raising seedling at nursery

PAfter the instruction by PDAFF staff, mix the Organic compost with soil prepared before and made nursery, and sowed.

After sowed, covered with
thin soil, and spread water.

2. With Box nursery

            Put mixture of soil and Organic compost in frame, and sowed.

After sowed, covered with
thin soil, and spread water.

As for a Sun shade,
Palm tree leave sheets were used.

Comment from one of attendants

My name is Vek, I am living Boeng Prei village since
year 2009. It was my first experience to sow
with nursery. I had been sowing directly
to my rice field normally. It looked like
a time-consuming work but it could
save the volume of seeds, I feel.
I look forward to see the good result
of crop soon.

Peak Sbaek village

This time, only the instruction was given.