Activity Report

Compiling the studies          Chicken raise training

Jul 2, 2018

Both the first year and the follow up trainings of Chicken raise trainings for nine villages which were started in April in Battambang Province, northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia where post landmine field and Good Earth Japan (GEJ) extend the support are getting completion stage. Ten sessions for the first year training and seven sessions for the follow up training were taken place.
At the end of June, villages had gatherings of chicks hand over to farmers who attended the session well and for them to practice the things learnt during the courses.

This Chicken raise training is one of Agriculture trainings which GEJ together with counter partner, Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Battambang (PDAFF), provide to farmers for them to become independent and to get petty cash.

Farmers studied and practiced about how to prepare the good feed, good henhouse and how to prevent chickens from disease etc., and they were instructed to practice themselves with chicks handed this time over.
They are very eager to increase the number of chickens with their experience.

Following are the examples of sessions and hand over gathering of chicks.

Andoung Neang village (Follow up, in May)

        Session of how to prevent chickens from disease etc. at village assembly hall

Boursangkreach village, G-1 (Follow up, in May)   (in June)

Open air class in the shade of tree           After the training, chicks were given

Boursangkreach village, G-2 (Follow up, in May)   (in June)

Instruction of how to vaccine injection     Chicks were handed over by Deputy GM of PDAFF

Korsvay village (Follow up, in May)

                       Instruction of how to vaccine injection

Ou Ta Ngiemh village (First year, in June)

Chicks were handed over by Deputy GM of PDAFF here too.