Activity Report

Have planted rice together         Rice cultivation training

Jul 3, 2018

As the rice seedlings which were sown in the middle of June at Boeng Prei village have grown for the transplanting, attendance of the Rice cultivation training have practiced the planting of them to the rice paddy together.
After irrigating water to the rice paddy, farmers have formed a line and planted rice seedlings one by one.
It was like traditional seedling method of Japan in some time ago.

The main product of this village as well as the neighboring village Peak Sbaek was sesame seeds but they had been requesting GEJ to conduct the Rice cultivation training to increase the rice since some time ago.
GEJ had evaluated the request and its feasibility, and had decided to include the course in the Agriculture training programs for this year and the first session had taken place in early June.
Please refer to activity report “Rice cultivation training has started”.
Rice cultivation training has started
Farmers attended and staff of Provincial Department of agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Battambang (PDAFF) and GEJ, are looking forward to having a good result of increasing rice with this controlled farming like selecting good seeds, sowing with nursery, in line transplanting, weeding, watering ,and preventing them from harmful insects and disease etc. comparing with the traditional direct sowing.

Pulling rice seedling from nursery with care      Rice seedlings

Irrigate water in to paddy                 Transplanting rice seedlings in line

            As it was the first time, the rice seedling were transplanted with care

The transplantation work was almost finishing
at the paddy of model farmer in the village

I am, a farmer, named Koy Vannak living in
Boeng Prei village since year 2008.
It was first time for me to attend Rice cultivation
training. I have attended the class room sessions
and practices, and I have experienced sowing
with nursery and transplanting first time too.
It was sure of that it could reduce the volume of
rice seeds and time for raising of seedling.
This time, I have practiced the transplanting
the seedling one by one to paddy. I am looking
forward to seeing the good result soon.