Activity Report

It’s our pleasure of helping other farmers  Chicken raise training

Jul 10, 2018

On June 28, 61 farmers of Dangkot Thnong village and Ou Ta Ngiemh village who had been attending Chicken raise training(first year) among 9 villages in the area of which Good Earth Japan (GEJ) provided the trainings for this year to them have visited three selected farmers in Boeng Sangkae village.
This visit has organized for participants to visit successful farmers in Chicken raise for them to study the way for raising chicken in real and encourage them to put effort in it at the final stage training.
In the past, the visit was organized for visiting successful farmers outside of Battambang Province as it could not find the suitable succeeded farmer in the province. But this year, farmers have visited 3 farmers in province who had attended the trainings organized by GEJ in conjunction with Provincial Department of Agriculture and forestry and fisheries (PDAFF) in Battambang, and had left the outstanding achievement in raising Chickens in the same province.

Farmers visited this time have listened the explanation of how to raise Chickens with bitter experience from those farmers carefully and have inspected their facilities freely. As those 3 farmers were like neighbors, they have realized that to have a successful achievement is not a dream but in real.

Furthermore, those 3 farmers who hosted the visitors were very delighted and were proud of having such visitors at their farms.

GEJ support farmers who live on post minefield in the northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia through the agriculture training, improving living environment, and improvement of infrastructure.

Visited farmer No.1
Welcome! My name is Mrs.Kong Sa reuon living in Boengsangke village since 2006. Thanks to understanding of my husband, I attended the training of chicken raise last year, and this year joined its follow up training and Mushroom cultivation training by GEJ and PDAFF.
Before joining the chicken training, my method never succeeded. Chickens always had disease and died 8 out of 10 chickens dead in the past. But after the training, it could reduce 2 out of 10 now. I hope, after the follow up training, it could be reduced to nil.
I don’t know the exact number of chicken we have, but should be more than 200. Every month can sell around 50-60 chickens with average price of $3/Kg. It is becoming our steady income now.

We are very proud of having such visitors at our farm.

Together with husband                   Husband also explained our experience

                   Showed visitors how to prepare the good feed

Feeding and giving water                  Part of Chickens we own

Visited farmer No.2
Have visited farmer name Nova Nem who had been introduced in the article of”."Steady activities are starting to bear fruit" dated May 15.

The shoes of visitors should be sterilized       Explanation by Mr. Nova Nem

Inside of henhouse                  Insect Catch. Insect is important protein for chicken.

Visited farmer No.3
The third farm house. Many farmers visited and they found many ideas on building henhouse and feeding etc.

Explaining together with staff of PDAFF        Very clean and well-ventilated henhouse

Chicken was sitting on its eggs             Chicks were separated from Chickens

At last, a comment from farmer participated

Thank you for organizing this visit.My name is
Mrs. Chhim Touch from Dangkot Thnong village.
After visiting 3 Chicken farms, I found it was very
nformative and interested.I want to become
like them. I have been attending the Chicken raise
training this year but my understanding for
the way to prevent chickens from disease is 70% still,
I think.I promise you that I pay more effort to
understand the contents of the course.
                               Thank you again for the training.